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Jackson not the director for 'The Hobbit'


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Having another director wouldnt be the only bad thing. By losing Jackson they lose their production company WETA, which did all of the work for the lotr movies. Also it may no longer be shot in New Zealand.

Basically the movies would have characters (such as orcs) and settings (such as the shire and rivendell) completely different to what the LOTR movies had. ie twill be ****.

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You fool!
What? He's good at ideas, but not so good at implementation of said ideas IMO. When he let other people do what they know best like with ESB and RotJ it worked out well. With the prequels we got Jarjar and battle droids with highpitched voices. :p


I've tried to read the Silmarillion twice and I just can't get through it. I love the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings books but Silmarillion just reads to slow or something for me.
I love the Silmarillion. Knowing the history of the world, in addition to how bad things actually are for men and elves makes the stand they take in LotR all that much more awesome. The elves' history is a real downer though; it's like every time they make a little headway they get ground into the dust...again. :(


Actually, I doubt it would make a good movie because of that. There's very few parts where the good guys actually win, and if they do win it's only temporary...

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