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@ Aida: Hey, I'm fine with you being anywhere in LucasForums, I just have a problem with you roaming around my old stomping grounds as if you were here all along. It's unsettling.


And BULLS***, not acting familiar? You don't even know who TTL is or the fact that he wasn't talking to you, he was talking to all the folks he hasn't seen in god knows how long.


*looks at TTL*


@ TTL: Hey man, when was the last time you were here?


@ Gundawg: Don't worry, you always pull through for us :D


@ DSS: I could be playing Pokemon on my GameBoy at school but no one would dare to try to give me crap about it XD

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Man you guys are demanding...

You're exaggerating. :p


Just produce those snaps, stat!.. or there will be hell to pay. And would it kill you to get me a sandwich and a cold beer while you're at it? :dozey: Anyone else want anything while he's up?


Hey thanx pal, you're swell.






P.S.: Pics. Heavy on the cleavage. Now.


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This reminds me of the time when Swampie-tards invaded Aresen and we had to evacuate to Flarestar.


I remember when Rhett came in and yelled at us too! :D



eeeeeee! *glomps rsn* ^_____^ hi guys! :) what's up?



My goodness...look who just strolls on in here!




**Nails AB_Leigon to the carpet so he can't get away**




There's no escape this time!






Hey mate, good to see you about once again! :)

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That all depends which side of the playground you like to play on... I've seen Red's Myspace page.


Taking any and all offers on blackmail. Highest bidder gets the truth... or keeps it quiet.




That is unless of course that page was to throw me off the trail... hmmmm...

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