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Lot of good posts and history? Yap. That's basically all there's to say about my person.

Nah, it's good we got rid of your ONE post... it's a shame everyone elses is gone though XP


Ehm. Say, which languages are there on the DVDs? I'd like to have the German version I know, but also the original voices, and what I get here is only in German.

English and French... sorry



I almost forgot that DD was the official spanker of Aresen. =O

I haven't seen our official Nittle Grasper around here for a long time though.


LOL lynk! :D


u NOG!!

:p You nog... ehehehe... man I haven't said that in aaaaaages.

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:p You nog... ehehehe... man I haven't said that in aaaaaages.


See, I knew you could do it! The way it just rolls off your tongue! Er well, I guess it doesn't really do that...anyways...you nog!


Ah, good old Aresen, almost as good as new.


Yes I'm waiting for the return of Lizard Queen and Wacky..then the **** will hit the fan. =O

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engager.gifwell well well... whats happening here... someone summoned DSS milk?


yea.. its been a long time, I entered here lets see 2000.. with the nick SadGhost, then 2001 changed to DSS, meh!coolgleamA.gif


good to see a lot of oldies, I remember the flame wars against ICe lol those times...

the RS2 for the pc , and when the rs3 came out... oh well....


About wraith, yea he is MIA, about Ray... good im ignoring him since a long time ago :p


ANYWAY SALUTES!!! next saturday ill be 26

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I remember the good old days. No matter the time of day there was always a few people on. Always something new to talk about. A new level that had been beat. Some one getting a new computer. Some of us having kids. :)


I remember coming here looking for help to try and beat the "escape from fest" level. Man was that some time ago.


I remember my PC was a kick ass Gateway P100 with 16mg ram and 1 G hard drive. I even upgraded it to 32mg ram and ran 2 16mg Diamond VooDoo cards in SLI. Boy was it a monster.


Then there was Guilo. Like Ike said. A bigger ego maniac was no where to be found. He had an opinion on everything and his was usually right. Until he played around with my account. Stealth kicked his ass out and of course he wasn't to blame. It was everyone else's fault and we were just jealous. What a tard.


I remember the night we started a thread and in about 6 hours had more then 100-150 posts and there was only 5 -6 of us. Not bad for a midnight to 6 AM spread.


Then XWA came out. Most of us all merged over there but still came here to post as well. There was no huge LFN conglomorate, just a few sites.


We had a great group of guys.


I also remember playing JK multiplayer on Saturdays. I hosted the game a few times. Man was that fun.


Then we started up an XWA group, we kept stats, had ranks, flew together on Friday nights. Some of you guys were trying to hit on my kids baby sitters over the Mic. :) Keyan did alot, if not all, of the work on the site for us.



Here are some of the guys I remember...





Fondas..Greece <--who still comes around

Master Lynn...Scotland

Master Copland..Scotland

Chewies Hairbrush..London? UK?

who was the guy from Italy? Can't remember his name...


Oh yeah, remember when we all signed up for Seti@home. Chewie kept weekly records of who would do the most units. I even bought an extra PC to crunch data and had it loaded on any PC I could find. My Mom got pissed because I loaded it on hers and then she blamed all the problems on me running Seti on the PC. Haha


DAMN..... That was some fun times.....


Here is to good friends and good times long since past.




Gundog holds up his Diet Dr.Pepper berries & cream. ;)

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Yep, just passed 8 years now... If i remember correctly there was not to many here before me. And those that were are mostly gone now.. :(


Yep, Lt Guilo had access to everyones passwords and he choose mine then started posting under my name. I noticed when I got on that night at work. He went off the deep end so to speak. He was an Admin and Ike and I were Mods. Then Ike became an admin and I did too for awhile then I got demoted to KP duty. :) Haha Or something like that.

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the guy who joined in 1997 is..............................................................................................................................................



de, de, d, deh! Rogue 15!


EDIT! Woops 1999. Few!


Rogue 15? Guess again.

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*puts hand over face and shakes his head at Aida*


@ Gundawg: Weyhey, welcome back for another round Gunner. How's the family?... and the LEGO Star Destroyer :p lol.


@ DSS: Yo, glad to see ya back in here buddy :D This place has been out of milk for aaaages!


@ Niner: Yeah, I see LQ popping up every now and then at random on MSN at times... and damn that Wacky, he thinks he's too good for us x.x

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