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Happy Birthday leXX!

Darth Groovy

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Everybody say happy birthday to our favorite forum mum, my co-host on lucascast, and my sister in all that is geeky!


I tip my hat and raise my token glass of blue milk!


Everyone share your favorite leXX moments!


Mine would be the time she showed one of those stupid flash videos to her kids and scared them to death. Then quoted the now famous "poop, fart poop" moment!


Also, I will pay any money to get leXX on youtube spinning the saber like the Star Wars Kid! :D


Also have to say that leXX is the embodiment of girl gamers when it comes to Star Wars games. After knowing for some time, I came to realize why she idolized the likes of Laura Croft.


Girls DO GAME, and leXX has kicked my ass back to the stone age on many occasions!


Cheers leXX, this thread is all about you! The swamp would never be the same without you! :)


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