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XWA One Year Thread Part VII: Shadows of the Forum

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went to lake scranton for my run..haven't ran in over a week, still hitting a good time. even got an indirect compliment. some chick said 'i wish i could run like that' yeahhh i'll be your paceman!! ;) lol


then hit up italian fest for a slice of parmigiana chicken pizza....so damn good. now im drinking bottles of mt dew blasting music, nobodys home so i can crank it loud and enjoy.



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Didn't bowl as well as I would have liked tonight, but I sure did look sharp...




I throw mostly Storm equipment, so it was natural for me to get some Storm gear with some of my birthday (and summer league) money. This jersey design is called "Triumph," and I ordered it on Storm's web store. :D

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went to bed at 2am, gotten woken up at 6:15


cus my dog luke collapsed on the 2nd floor of the house

i went to pick em up, he freaked and nic'd me in the forehead (he never bit anyone before)

got him outside on the side porch where he laid down for a few hours


he attempted to get back up, which he managed to do, walked about half way to his normal 'laying spot' in the dining room, but his movements were incredably wobbly, we called em, he turned around and collapsed again


i brought him back out onto the porch for the next couple of hours


my ma called up the vet made an appointment and i got the jeep ready


got some help for the third time, this time to get em in the car, he attempted to nip at me again (he REALLY didn't want to go)

made it about half way there almost at 8:40 he passed D:



in hindsight, he never did like going to the vet... guess he won this time

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sorry to hear that man. :( my yellow lab Buddy had the same thing happen to him, though he didnt eat for like a week it was like a stroke or somehting he'd walk all sideways and ****, think he lasted for a month or 2 after that then he had to be put down cause he was in alot of pain. :( i have alot of good memories of that dog. i miss him.

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Got my implant in today. next step is to get my crown. Worse part was the hammering on my head. I felt i was going to get a concussion. Also my bones were so hard he had to get out the "big drill". Novocaine started to wear off by the end, but he numbed me up some more before I left. I now officially a screwhead.


Got some more Hydrocodin! woo!

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