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XWA One Year Thread Part VII: Shadows of the Forum

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I worked all weekend. It was as great as it sounds. :dozey:


Oh well... moar money for me.


The infection is clearing up... though not totally better yet. I can almost hear normally again.


I miss my girlfriend. :( She's been away visiting friends for a few weeks... but it kinda feels like forever.


Plus: She has almost no telecom access where she is... no cell... no internet. So virtually no communication for many days at a time.


It's very lonely all of a sudden.

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I got the new Star wars X-wings minature game. Not much too it. Really simple. Kind of similar to the game Blue Max only it doesn't use a Hex Grid. Models are fantastic tho for 1/270 scale. IN the instruction book they describe how they got actual models from Lucasfilms then put them in AutoCAD to make a metal prototype for the plastic models. So far they have X-wings, Tie Fighters, TIE Advanced (Vaders TIE), and Y-wings.


Each fighter has a "Dial" that you use to determine you maneuver. this is hidden and revealed when all select your maneuver. you can move 1-4 spaces, and/or do a 45 or 90 degree turn. at faster speeds you cannot turn, but you can do a loop. Really not much variety here.


Things start changing when you include actions. Depending on your ship abilities You can perform a target lock, barrel roll (move one space left or right), evade, or focus.


Then you get to fire. if they are in your front 90 degrees less then 4 "Spaces" away you can shoot them. Roll your attack dice, and the opponent rolls their defense dice. these are custom 8 sided dice. (Attack dice have 3 hits, 1 Critical hit, 2 Focus, and 2 blanks. Defense dice have 3 Evades, 2 focus, and 3 blanks).


Because of the KISS concept (Keep it simple, stupid) it is only 2-d combat. and there is not much variety in the performance of craft. This IMHO is the downfall of this game because it cannot have enough variety in the game for expansions.


I don't think it would be too difficult to add your own custom craft (A-wings, Millennium Falcon, Slave I, TIE interceptors) with custom Dials and ship cards.


basically maneuver you ship, which matters a little to line up a shot. Roll your dice which matter a lot, and apply results. rinse repeat.

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Hey, y'all. I became daddy again 4 weeks ago. 6 weeks too early. Oh, but everything is fine. It's a girl, her name is Greta, she's growing and snuggling and drinking and errnerner and ssshhuuuu soooo sweet. I hope, and I wish, every single one of you is well and I wish all of you all the best I can imagine.



And a big lightning J.


So much for the lurrrrrrve. :)



All Hail Lord Emperor Zoom :max:


So much for the business.



Aside from that, can I be a moderator of Aresen? :cool:


Oh, wait, I've won a year of thread. *fiddle*

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edlib, oh, you was the first. After watching this video i even stop to understand what does George Lucas thinking about. I think it shows more than clearly where exactly true Star Wars fans living. And i hope it really can to bring over all those skeptics who says new Star Wars simulator will be unpopular.

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Isn't it though? That's fan made. One guy did the animation and put it up on the web. Somebody else saw it, and then added the music and sound effects, and reposted it.


It's the attention to detail that gets me! Especially when he first gets in the TIE and fires it up... the screens all light up just like the controls we had in the game!


The fact that there are a couple of different model ISDs that hyper in is also a nice touch... something that most non X-Wing series players probably wouldn't have bothered to include.


The TIE hangar looks lifted from the JKII level too.


It's pretty remarkable for a non-Lucas project.

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I am apparently single and unattached again.


My girlfriend has decided not to return from where she is.


It's not exactly a shock or a surprise to me... but I was really hoping it wasn't going to turn out this way.


It still doesn't feel great... but at least I now know what's up.



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Sorry to hear that ed. All I can say is that learn from this experience, and when you are ready head into another relationship with more wisdom, and confidence


Last night I was in bed with my wife, and she started talking in her sleep. I then spent the next twenty minutes talking to my deceased mother-in-law via my wife.


Funny part was when my MiL started explaining how to make cranberry sauce (SHe wanted to go to Cranberry fest which is nearby) and my wife got mad at her saying "I know how to make it cause i was the one who taught YOU how to make it"


The spooky part was when my MiL said (via my wife) she had not seen my Mom yet. Thinks she is in another part of heaven or is too busy. I needed to invite her to our house and maybe she would find her

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