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  1. *looked around for a while, after anybody is busy with getting new grog, he grabs some chic.. er chips and sat down .. *


    Hey barman.. will he turn on tv ..?


    *cleans his silver .44 while he's watching sledge hammer to get new ideas for brutal handshake methods.. *


    *drinks som grog out of the bag*

  2. Originally posted by Zoom Rabbit

    You should send them over here to the US, so we can put them to work on the streets of LA or Detroit. Stereo cops...pfft! :D



    I'd rather not. they'd be scared to death .. mostly.


    except the "special"-forces (gsg 9) .. these have regular trainings in the US/Kanada .. and they are good. very good. but they dont do walk streets .. like what you call s.w.a.t.?

  3. 1. my hair color


    2. my eye color


    3. do i wear glasses and/or contacts?

    contacts, that actually where glasses in earlier life.

    4. my height

    6 feet under.

    5. do i call myself short or tall?

    HE isnt LONG but therefore TINY.

    6. my weight

    doubles per day

    7. do i call myself fat, skinny, or do i not give a damn?

    head and feets skinny, body FAAAADDDDD.

    8. (not really what i look like, but still an appearance thing, i guess) what color [shirt] do i like to wear the most?

    white like your skin. (so nobody would recog. if you wear none)

    9. what color [shorts] do i wear the most?


    10. what color [jeans] do i wear the most (if you answer blue, specify dark blue or light blue)?


    11. what is my gender (this is an automatic point for most of you)?


    12. what is my age as of tomorrow? (today is june 17, how old will i be?)

    i wont tell you.



    so.. each answer is right .. but i dont know if the questions are..

  4. *kicks in the door, waves the .44*




    ok everybody. calm down. anyone thats trying to leave.. i pump one in your a#s.


    *goes araound with some sort of bag.. punishes the people around to smile at him and give all their grog into the bag..*

  5. Originally posted by RayJones

    me too. when i met him later.. i got a problemsolver, his name was revolver.. :rolleyes:



    i dont want to proclamate violence. its bad. and not the way to solve probs. but sometimes the circumstances wont let you decide what happens and what not.

  6. Originally posted by Zoom Rabbit

    I guess I'm just scared that a 9MM made you *hot.* :D My reaction to a 9MM in the face would probably be to quiver on the ground, screaming, 'DON'T SHOOT! DON'T SHOOT!'


    i was about too.. but i was like frozen.. that made me act some sort of cool. but in my inner somewhat i was so angry.. and that made me hot.



    Unless I was in a position to return fire. :dozey: Then my reaction would be: BLAP! BLAP! BLAP! 'Wassup?'


    I'm nothing if not practical. ;)


    me too. when i met him later.. i got a problemsolver, his name was revolver.. :rolleyes:


    Sounds like the cops in your area suck toes.

    actually. they do. if they dont suck other things or free some murders.


    :max: Vive la resistance, brother! Given the current racial and political attitudes in the big cities of America these days, I would resist the bastards in this fashion--I'd dress up in African Muslim regalia, and carry around a *bible.* This incongruity of clothing with reading material would confound the average cop, low on IQ but high on suspicion. ;) The last thing he'd want to do is get in a conversation with you... [/b]



    herherher. that may work concrete! yeah. in germany its fun to have a car which is 'pumped up' to the maximum. i mean low as bass n stuff. ;-] in germany you have to get a license for every part thats even ORIGINAL maintained.


    It's fun watching two officers try to find some not registered parts out of 40? Mountet everywhere on the car. at night. after 2 hours then.. finally. you'll have some really nice words like 'have a nice evening' or like that.. geeeeeeee. watch these :drop2: faces.

  7. I have a handy and a cap too .. and i love those topics where you just can say .. uuhhhh.. nothing.

    i vote for the tall guy with the long ears and the carrot. he seems to be the best spittlicker on this moon. so get her the ticket for the cola.

  8. i agree with that scabb music theme .. mostly i like the one i the kitchen and at the hotel.



    In CMI i missed to travel between the islands a bit, but it was ok, the locos and the mood helped me over it. .. In EMI there was no help for it .. it was just too levelbased. Just like SoMI, but SoMI was the first.

  9. another great episode is that wher bender is some sort of god.. and he blews up nearly all of his 'believers' (they had to live on him) ..


    At the end he meets some 'real god' .. and what i liked most was the explanation that 'god' gave to bender .. i mean that about what god will do .. and not and what someone has to do .. and how it finally will happen. THIS was cool. And some way of a logical explanation.





    And that one where the clone (?) of the prof explains the spaceshipdrive like: it doesnt moves the ship.. the ship stands still and it moves the whole universe around.

  10. .. yeah, midi works .. but i dont like midi that much.. it just doesnt sounds good without equipment which i dont have.. i'm no prod or so.

  11. ..i thought italians just write in italic ..





    .. it looks good, and i am sure .. if i would understand... it would make sense.


    OK. I'll try read it italian .. and you try to write it in english (just taken from your thought to make it in english) ..

  12. ok.

    the question is: "when was this pirate hanged in jamaica". Then you'll have to fit the dial-a-pirate for the picture shown.


    And what is it now that you answer? exactly you say like the year when he was hanged. e.g: "1503".


    Oh. Right. 1503 doesnt look like a number. nah.


    ps. In mi2 its the same. Only that you have to fit in some recipe-thing.





  13. i use scummrev ..


    MI1 sound is not supported, right? (not yet)

    is MI2 sounds supported? i recieve an errormessi like:

    "File cannot be played on this MCI-Device. It is corrupted, wrong format or no filehandler specified" (its in german)." if i try to play any sound..

    CMI is working fine so far.


    in SR3veryAplha there is no sound at all?


    OR is it just that brainsuckingsludge on my head?


    ps .. latest versions are?

  14. why? is this story scary? nah. ill just remember it from time to time if someone comes along and try to tell me COMMON TRANPORTATION SERVICES are save and thats why you have to pay 60 bucks/month to drive it.. ha.


    ps. i think its scary if the police sees more colors than crimes.

  15. I fight everyday.. and i have this powerful weapon. TIME. And it gives me right. And you cant change things by pushing it. Not really.


    Hey .. if the police wants to follow me.. ok. If they dont have better things to do. I wouldnt care. Why? ..


    And those BAD bosses.. hey we have 15 employees in our firm. and 2 bosses who gave their money to establish this org. It is their money. And its hard with economics in germany (hey, at least we got that euro-stuff).. So sometime the question is .. vacation.. or JOB (not because you just get fired. its because then there is no firm anymore.). I have a little daughter.. so i choose job.


    PS.: In germany we dont have those BIG bigbossofficer-probs. But sometimes. But therefore i got this 9mm in front of my face.. at christmas eve. HEY THAT REALLY MADE ME HOT! .. And for my luck i met ONE of them later again. very very alone. poor crying nazi. He doesnt wanted to tell me those things he said that evening again.... what a pity.

  16. buffy? dark angel?


    *use key on tv-screen*

    hmm. nothing happened.

    *use .22 on tv-screen*

    hmm. nothing happened.

    *use .38 on tv-screen*

    hmm. nothing happened.

    *use .44 on tv-screen*

    hmm. nothing happened. perhabs i need some more useful.


    *use rc on tv*

    wow. stargate's running. .. oh look. they arrive on a parallel-earth. wow. some sort of blonde girl. errrr.. ohh.. that HUGE starship landed on her .. eeek. looks like FAKE BARF.


    Its like soon the NKOTB are revived and have a specialgig at the loco of 90210! Zombies, deamons .. pah. Only at MI.

  17. Originally posted by Neil Joshi

    I use the word patriot to show how much this guy loves his team.


    .. i wasnt that serious .. just wanted to point at the difference between patriotism and FANism (fan comes from FANATIC .. ?)..


    .. words just have the meaning WE give them ..

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