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  1. i liked this very old batman tv-series when i was a child. BATMAAAAAAN dadadadadadadadadadadadada (imagine it IS the theme) -newt- -poof- -strewdch- BATMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

    it was hard to pretend they really could walk up walls the way they did..

  2. oh.. err.. mmh... yes. (i do not really know anymore.. was it the priest who tells about the vulcano outbreak..? its horrible to do drugs .. so dont do them ;oP)



    yes another point is that LeChuck and Herman could have been like piratepals ..long long time ago .. or something that allows LeChuck to get attracted by Elaine .. perhabs Herman dont liked it and theyve got a little trouble with solving the prob. Or they had other trouble bout treasureNmore because Elaine couldnt be much older then -1 year 20 years ago -- ..


    ..So Lechuck then gets to the "dark" side.. perhabs he managed Hermans journey to end up shipwrecked .. maybe another voodoo-spell .. maybe after he has recognized Hermans work on the ultimate insult.




    i am not through with that rock machine yet.


    2. Futurama - Simpons - Connect: The 3-Eyed-Fish (for real!)

    3. Futurama is not the "sequel" of Simpons because the mankind had been hunted down several time in the 1000 years to the year 3000

    4. SIMPSONS RUL too but not the first two seasons.. the drawingstyle changed then and BOOM! cool.

    5. family guy was on german tv, too.. but it (hardly) survived just 7 or 8 Futurama-episodes. it's like rough rats or something.

    6. Futurama/Simpsons is a whole another level of cartoon.

  4. superheroes sucks. it is everytime the same plain old story. .. too plain to use it for a MOVIE. But hey.. it's marvel universe. But then again. Other universes are more comfortable for me and most important.. NOT that violent.

  5. Originally posted by Alien426

    I had that problem when I first played the game. It was even the same location if I remember correctly. I don't recall a solution, but since I used DOS back then I think we can exclude OS problems. Do you have the latest update?


    Hey .. DOS you remember .. DISK OPERATION SYSTEM .. so it is an OS. So. And some games are using Expanded Memory (EMS) .. now we are at the Expanded Memory Manager -- which handles EMS and he is doing it by using this granularity thingsy (do not let me explain this.) -- BOING.


    So i suppose you'll have to "play" with that EMM parameters .. back in the day i used QEMM (never had this prob) which has some kind of DOS-wizard for this...


    hey and if i am wrong then stop me before that poor guy will beat up his RAM.

  6. people not do crimes because there will be punishment or not. ..


    its a mental problem.


    as long as there are religious, social and whatelse IDEALS .. there is no help for it.


    People prefer to say it's not my fault god must have done this .. or crap like that.

    Hey i just saw that IRAQI SOLDIER on tv. He was up to clean and fold and iron his clothes. And his VERY only comment (he seemed to be veryvery concerned about this): dont tell my wife that i am doing this here. So next point is that man over woman OR woman over man attitude. Both are damn bloody wrong.


    And there is more. But it all ends up in a definition of senseless "historical" waste.


    Then there are these people saying: we didnt need it in the past, we dont need it now. Then they give an example like "i dont need mobilephone to call or message anyone from anyplace, i can do this from home! "

    Yeah, particially he may be right. But if i am on the way and im growing to be daddy, then i would feel ( oh yes indeed, i felt much easier!) much easier with the knowledge of being reachable every second of time ..


    So inventions are never useless. (like they try to make us believe)..


    We must start believing in our own power as the 'intergalactical' species we are.


    but society is changing.. and with some luck and muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch time..

  7. dont twist being a football, soccer, anythingfan with patriotism. in fact of being a bunch of (sometimes international) guys there in a team this cant be patriotism at all.


    patriotism is ment for being proud of the country where you were born.. something like we are the best country .. blahblah like that.


    but this starts in small villages, then come the bigger ones, states, countries.. i mean it is stupid.. yeah i am from Hamburg, Germany and i am f-in better than you. because you are only from Berlin, Germany ..




    You can only be better by doing better. and if you once done better than this does NOT mean you will do better from now on for ever.


    .. .. this sucks

  8. ..errrm..


    i wouldnt say LA is doing bad GFX .. actually these are highquality and fit the spot ..

    but there was a time when playing LA games ment play it like :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: on entering new screens ..

    now it's like 'yeah, cool, really.'


    .. yes you can say its just like 'yeah, they are not doing bad graphics.'



  9. Originally posted by Real Slim Santa

    Internet relashionships are very a bad idea. The only part of Internet dating I agree with is when you meet someone online, who lives in the same city/area as you, and very shortly (like a few days) start dating that person in real life. Before people meet, both should know what they look like. They should exchange pics, besides how would they even recognize themselves when they meet in real life? I don't agree with spending months (even years) just talking online, but never meeting in person.


    It's sad that many people these days have become desperate to find true love and turn to Internet relashionships. I've been to a lot of chatrooms where people write stuff like "male/20/nyc, any females want to chat?" some of them get pathetic like "hot male with webcam ready to cyber with hot female. pm me!!!". That's sad....:(


    true words Slim..


    .. but .. its not that bad to KNOW people around the net and CHANGE INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE. This can be someone on the planets others side and it can happen for years.. BUT CALL it more than TO KNOW SOMEONE .. is far from any reality .. and that fact puts out how people are thinking. and THATS even more sad.



    ..yes and i am a female in a body of a male, which actually is a male in that female catched in a male body .. got it??



  10. Originally posted by RayJones



    in first place lechuck is/was a pirate/ghostpirate.


    and maybe if he developed some powers with the times in the games??? aint this possible?


    and if you remeber guybrush uses a voodoo-doll in MI2 and the magic stick in CMI and in efmi the ultimate insult which is voodoo too ..


    so i did! what about you?

  11. .. the aspect ratio is given as a sum of graphiccard / graphicmode / monitor .. . . you can change it by programming it .. ;-) ..


    oh just forgot.. there are these knobs on the monitor.. there you can fix this prob VERY manual.


    nowadays this is normally handled by the driver. so dont be TOO concerned about it.

  12. Originally posted by bgbennyboy

    Damm you all. Before and after shots here here here and here


    Correct aspect ratio is the bottom one.

    [Edit]except for DOTT where its the top one



    .. hehehe.


    ASPECT RATIO CORRECTION FIXES the problem of different pixelsizes and forms on monitors. e.g. if you paint a circle using SQUARE-pixels and then try to use these pixeldefinitions (positions) to draw a circle with RECTANGULAR pixels.. then you'll get everything BUT a correct circle.


    this is the point where you need CORRECT ASPECT RATIO to get circles everywhere.



  13. gee. if mankind will ever understand..?????


    there may be 1 million of countries .. it's still 1 planet.


    all that discussion is so stupid. we owe OUR CHILDRENS a future guys. not f*****n nothing but hateNstuff.

    hey and if someone would kill my mother or hurt my little daughter .. then i dont care WHERE he comes from or which color his eyes got.. hey that guy will come down real fast and than he will never gonna have a happy thought again for the rest of his very painful NOTlife.




  14. ???


    in first place lechuck is/was a pirate/ghostpirate.


    and maybe if he developed some powers with the times in the games??? aint this possible?


    and if you remeber guybrush uses a voodoo-doll in MI2 and the magic stick in CMI and in efmi the ultimate insult which is voodoo too ..

  15. Originally posted by Mort-Hog

    Anyone in a black sitcom - You know the ones I mean, the ones that only have black people in and any white people are the stupid and/or annoying comedy sidekicks, and seem to think a joke's humour is directly proportional to the volume of which you say it. 'Smart Guy' actually sometimes parodies these quite well, sometimes, but is still included in this catagory because I hate his face.


    Disney - The Little Mermaid 2 was a crime against humanity.



    Hmm. I'm sure I'll think of more later. I'm not hateful enough right now. I'll go watch some Nickelodian or Disney Channel.


    Black Sitcoms= White Sitcoms .. since i got an color tv .. i watch it in stereo and color. stupid stuff is seen everywhere on tv. did someone ever watch roseanne?


    if you dont like mermaid 2 dont watch it or dont let your children watch.


    there are many interesting things that can be seen on disney and nickelodeon. you just dont have to watch the crap ..

  16. Originally posted by Nilrem

    No, this is not the 3D version, I'm no artist, this is the 2D version, hmm I'll look into it, I never tested it, well I did but not including the .pck file which made it smaller (it was originally 630kb rarred without using a .pck file)


    As for a 3D version, well for point and click, they don't really go hand in hand, but when I get some artists and setup a matrix I'll have a go at it, has anyone else tried this? If so how did you overcome the Z axis problem?


    actually mouse is 2D .. to use it for 3D Interface there are several ways and even more..

    computeraided movement..

    "depthsensitive pointer" with "depth" click to switch ..

    use the viewangle a way the cursor can reach items..

    combine all above

  17. Quite cool idea. It's that learning by doing thing, eh? Yes, i totally agree.


    I stepped on to play games in german / english to find out if they could translate the jokes'n'stuff or if they've translated it proper. ..OR if it could've been translated it in a more senseful way.


    But if you wait too long.. then mankind will have established a unique language. Otherwise it would be helpful to get to this language ..!

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