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"Broken Sword:The Sleeping Dragon" Boxart VOTE

Which of the four designs (shown below) would you like to see used as the BS3 boxart?  

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  1. 1. Which of the four designs (shown below) would you like to see used as the BS3 boxart?

    • Design 1 (THQ's choice; Europe)
    • Design 2 (Adventure Company's choice; USA)
    • Design 3 (Revolution's place holder image from their website)
    • Design 4 (Unknown image, used on Amazon.com and probably made by Revolution or Adventure Company)
    • None of the Above or Other

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Lets have a poll to see which of the four designs we've seen in the other threads (1st Thread and 2nd Thread) we think is best for Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon. I've included links for those people who have images turned off (including guests). (sorry one of the images is much bigger than the others; that is not intended as a bias)


Design 1: Click here to view



Design 2: Click here to view



Design 3: Click here to view



Design 4: Click here to view



or None of the above/Other (please post others, love to see them :))

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Number 1 ! :)


At least it gives a suggestion of character and story elements. Rather than some obscure logo. You're all just die hard adventure fanatics afraid to let newbies into the club! :)


Not that I really care what box turns up on our game shelves, the only time a box ever influenced my purchase was when I saw better screenshots on the back of one when deciding between two choices.

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I voted for the fourth one for the reasons I expressed in the other thread. The title 'Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon' already conjures up ideas of adventuring, exploration, and story. Don't underestimate its properties to spark the viewer's imagination, you don't necessarily need a picture of characters to show this. Therefore, what's left is the graphic itself, which abstractly conveys mystery and progression and modernness (both in story and game's look and overall design), leaving it up to the viewer to imagine what's in store. The symbol suggests ancient qualities, magic and mysticism. One glance at this box and you know what you might be getting into, although you can't quite place it, but you know it's gonna be good. ;)

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Well said, gamer.


I had a stinking suspicion that without any indication of what it looked like, people would fail to even turn the box around to look. My fears were allayed a bit by reminding myself of the Q3A box:



but, of course, that would have sold even if it came in a brown paper bag with an apple core.

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