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Hmmm... new look


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swoosh, tried to get you on IM but you don't appear to be online.


couple things:


the envelope icons show up as red x's, as does the attachment icon.


the dark grey areas are too much like the old design, too much greenish color in them. the font is also bluer than the design.

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Originally posted by Swoosh

Hey, first of all, I designed the banners for jk.net (they modified them for the forums). Second, now that I know how to do this all a little better, I might decide to work on the jk.net boards.


Yeh, I know. They are good, but I love this banner, its not very detailed, I just really like it. The banners at the swamp are good, but what I meant by half decent is the color scheme. I know you guys said dark colors are overused, but I just like dark colors, like blues, blacks, and greys. :)


And I can't find anything I don't like here. :)

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My first words...


Out loud




At least the banners are fitting

"Order Rogue Squadron III" and such.


Over, it's nice, really nice, but I will miss the darkness. Aresen will have to go into a new era with this. It seems more... Clone Wary.

Nice. :)

Hope the insanity lives through.

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:p Hey hey i't lookin a lot better now ^^ Just a few tini tiny details with some pics and then it's all done.


Okay folks since this is kinda a new era and we had that old colour scheme and design since the creation of LF... I hope ya'll like it. It was pretty hard to get this all done because I know, the old colours were dark and we liked our darkness so I tried to keep that darkness while coming up with a fresh look as well. This designing business is harder than it looks ya know. I tried to go for gray and red in, something like we find on X-Wings and A-Wings but it just wasn't working out and well it looked kinda ugly XD ...So blue was chosen instead and a funky button layout was created ^^


For those who think this design is too bright you really need to get out into the sun more, seriously. Yes it is brighter than the last scheme but no it isn't bright, either you like to have your brightness on your monitor turned up to burning point or like I said before you need to get out into the sun and experience real brightness XD lol.


@ Nute: Thank you XD I think


@ Ray: Well I would have the LYNKdesigns logo put at the bottom of the forum but I don't think Ike wouldn't like that lol. And yeah I love the funky buttons too :p


@ Zoom: All fixed XD lol thanx for pointing that lil mistake out lol


@ leXX: Well the reason those two X-Wings aren't crisp is because... well they're not CG X-Wings, they're kinda painted... or drawn... well the point is they're not CG.


@ R15: When making the banner I remembered 2 things, the SW universe seems to revolve around Tatooine and everyone in here either loves the X-Wing or the A-Wing or both lol.


@Kjo: Think of it as the Rebel Alliance Rogue Squadron evolving into the New Republic Rogue Squadron :D

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Originally posted by Zoom Rabbit

Swoosh and Lynkster--thanks for changing the water in our fish bowl. Now we can float aimlessly about in wide-eyed, uncomprehending fish-like manner and marvel at the new environment that has taken place by means well beyond our ken...




you know, a fish floats in a new envirovement every 3 seconds.


......at least, that's what he thinks" :dozey:

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