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Hmmm... new look


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(don't worry after this i'll be gone again, i'm not coming back)



Eeep, well I didn't know the design would be implemented right away ^^;;;;;

This is my design, but the thing is I haven't even sent in the picture files or instructions on how to set this up. So I'm kinda suprised to see this up right now.

Oh well don't worry, it's looking a little wierd right now but it'll look nice once it's complete ^^

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*runs off screaming to change it*

Hey gimme a break I made this thing at some pretty strange times in the morning... night... basically any time where the was no light...


and no i can't come back cause then i'll be the guy who said he was leaving and then comes back anywayz. I'm only here to ensure my design is going to be implemented the way it's supposed to be.

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:smash:nails lynk to the floor :smash:



Well now I've nailed you to floor of Aresen. You are unable to escape, it is your destiny to stay here. It's not like you chose to stay here...your nailed down. Stuck.



:smash: puts another couple hundred nails in Lynk to make sure he's stuck for good


come'on lynk you gotta stay, this place is not the same without you. :(

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Originally posted by Zoom Rabbit

If you don't come back, I'll take over the 'welcome rules list' ritual. :max: And it'll be all about duct tape.


what zoom said lynk. all about duct tape ..



plus pantees.


(i think he already returned. i mean he said he leaves and now returned and said i only post this and now already posted two times. theres no escape. never.)

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