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Well Hello Skitzo.

I guess I fall into the category of a new face. My name is Astro and I once inadvertantly ended up at these forums when searching for JO maps..... My chief aim to giggle at JA MP whiners, and members of "elite clans" who think theyre hot stuff because they can press a few buttons a bit quicker than most of us. I have been at the swamp recently, to break from their chicanery....


Look forward to reading your stuff.....



(yes , this is my annoying, geeky SW sign off, inherited from my conditioning on theforce.net EU forums) :p

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Thanks for the warm welcome fellas.


Life is kinda rough right now. I just broke up with my girl (long distance relationship) and I got kick out of school.


Whats good Mysticspade? I remember you, I use to help you with your avatar and I see you're still into Dragon Ball. And you use to help me with the sig pics.


I remember the time you said you were getting married. So hows that?


Siv, was your name SivyB or something before?


Jokemaster, Acrylic, ZBomber, ETWarrior, Jed, Boba Rhett, Lexx Clemme w/stick, yeah I rember ya'll. Its good so you guys again.


I can't belive ya' still here.


And the new people, its nice meeting you all.

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Originally posted by -s/<itzo-



This new layout looks pretty cool.


So whats new?

The place got redone since everyone started leaving their pants at home which concluded in a nasty smell. I think they banned em all for doing it tho. :p


Welcome back -s/<itzo-,

seems you couldnt get away from LF :D


May you again enjoy your stay here ;)

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Originally posted by Sam Fisher

Then you are quite sure that you are not? :p


Whre has he gone? Another forum?


I probably could have if I had a license to kill and to drive. j/k :p


I'm pretty sure he's not gone. He may be just using another alias.

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