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My New Projects


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I got several new projects going on right now.


First one is my AT-TE that either LightNinja or NeoMarz will animate.





Next is my RAS, reskined for S-J-Cull's Geonosis Map.





Next is the Naboo Senatorial Barge that was destoryed at the beginning of EP II.





Next is a Trade Federation MMT.





Also Im working on a EP 3 Space Battles map that will be identical to siege_destoryer, except its ffa/tffa with the RAS instead of the destroyer, and a Droid Control Ship Hangar instead of the Rebel Hangar. Also being made for this map is: ARC-170 fighter, the 2 New Jedi Starfighters, Droid Bomber, and several others.



Also I am working on a new line of saber hilts.







And a Matrix Zap Gun.





And a Clone Trooper Sniper Rifle from SWBF.



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The clone rifle is bassed off of the one in Star Wars Battle Front. The origional weapon is a german MG-42 machine gun used extensivly in WWII. Im thinking about reskinning it with the BF skin cause it might look better.


Also I will be making models such as a tour suv and a helicopter for Sith-J-Cull's Jurancor Park v2 map, and an at-te, spider bot, dwarf spider bot, gunship, ras, droid control ship, techno union ship, and maybe some others for his Geonosis map as well. I got about 90 of the vehicles done and I got to reskin some, so expect some neat things for thoes. And I am currently partnering with Slider, helping him with JA+ by providing saber models and holsters for his latest updates so look there too.


And some intresting supprises planned as always.

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Also in the works is TFFA/FFA Raid4 by Orbitius. This map will based on a WWII type battle field with trenches and all. There will be vehicles and Artillery. Here is some of that artillery ingame:











Flak Cannon



SAM Launcher


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Heres a sneak peek of some of the vehicles for a map me and ORbitius are working on. Its based on Omaha Beach: D-Day Invasion. One of the features of the map will be a big battleship with the turrets you see below in the pictures. They are stationary vehicles that are rotatable and have moving barrels. (Some Skins are from SDK's from other games).


Sorry removed the pics due to EA lisence agreement.

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Did you get permission to use DICE's models and textures for those planes, tanks and weapons?


I know that the EULA that came with the games sure as hell didn't. I'm sure EA would not be pleased to see materials taken from their games and put into another without their consent or knowledge.

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Dice released an SDK knowing full well that the materials could and would be used in mods for other games. If they hand not wanted this they would have either not released an SDK or a file converter that could convert their files into common formats suck as .max or .3ds. This isnt the same as going into a game that has no sdk and takeing files from the source.

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