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Tis a Sad... Sad... Day


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It had to happen sometime, now the demolishing of Sesame Street has begun...


[Insert Insidious Musical Score Here]


Next up, like the article says, Oscar is probably going to learn the merits of bathing and having a clean Garbage Can!... Humbug! :(

Originally posted by Prime

Heaven forbid the parents advocate healthy habits. Oh no, can't do that. All that obesity must be a result of the muppet...

I agree! First lazy parents blamed ol' Beavis and Butthead for inspiring Arson... now this... what scapegoat will all the lazy parents find next?

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I think the next thing they will probably do is reveal the truth about Bert and Ernie.


Someone tell me how can Cookie Monster not eat cookies. I mean, its his name. I guess they will have to change his name to Fruity Monster. No,*sigh*, it's just not the same:(




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Cokkie Monster is taking a walk onto the darkside!


Cookie Monster (Lightside Name)

Veggi Monster (Darkside Name) :D


:usa: God Bless America, the land of our politically correct nation! The pain, the irony, the Vegi Monster! :usa:


Hey wait! Wouldn't he have to change his song from:

"C" is for Cookie to "V" is for...

That can't be good!! :D

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