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What are you listening to right now?


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I've discovered Emily Haines recently due to her awesome song "Doctor Blind". The album is so-so, but that song gets me due to its beautiful melancolic nature. Not emo...


I've read about her and learned that she's the lead singer of Canadian band Metric. I had never heard of them until now and I decided to check them out. Blew me away. Really great indie/synth rock band based in Toronto. I can't believe I've never heard about them. You can hear some of their songs on the show "Grey's Anatomy".


At any rate, if you like indie rock, you should check them out.

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Subdivisions - Rush - Signals


No other song I have ever heard captures so elegantly and perfectly the stifling boredom, emotional isolation, and the unspoken demand of absolute conformity that is a young person's life growing up in the suburbs.

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