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What are you listening to right now?


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lolz...the ultimate spam music discussion thread lives. I wish people would explain what they are listening to a bit more...thats what used to make this thread interesting at the swamp...Got switched onto alot of new things that way. Unless of course they are listening to top 40 junk :(


Me - Im listening to different things on different devices -

PC: "Ali Yazar, Veli Bozar: by Baris Manco(Turkish Folk Music)


Portable Media Center: "Ceddin Deden" (Ottoman Turkish Military Music - very rousing - makes you want to lead an army of 30,000 and conquer Constantinopolis, again :) )


Car: "One by One" by Immortal - (Norwegian Black Metal band, of the epic/power variety. Non political, Non Emo/poser black metal - great music - pure and simple. Great music to play your fave "hack n slash" RPG to, in my case 'Dark Alliance')


CD Player beside the bathtub: "No, di voi non vo fidarmi" - Cantata duetto by Handel. Sung by the Amazing Emma Kirkby(soprano) and Judith Nelson(soprano). Christopher Hogwood from the Academy of Ancient Music on Klavier...amazing early stuff Handel wrote :) Ms Kirkby is amazing, Ive seen her perform 4 times and met her twice, the perfect soprano. Very gymnastic, without losing the emotion.



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