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What are you listening to right now?


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Forget About It - Alison Krauss


I've had this song in my head all morning... maybe playing will exorcise it.


She has such a pure, clear voice. Her's was one of the best concerts I've ever worked.


Which venue in Boston do you work at?


You and I could talk for a long while about music. An FYI Eric Johnson's Western Flyer originally came out on the I.R.S. GuitarSpeak (No Speak series) in 1988. There were three GuitarSpeak put out between 88 & 91.




In 89 Robby Krieger put out an excellent solo album called No Habla


So far as Journey is concerned my favorite albums by them are the three pre-Steve Perry albums with Next being my favorite. Journey jumped the shark when Steve joined the band. Once Greg Rollie left the band they went down hill like a steaming locomotive with no brakes.


Gary Moore solo album Grinding Stone

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Berklee Performance Center


Used to work occasionally at all the Don Law venues as well (Orphium, Tweeter Center, and a couple of years at Harborlights.)


Two of the best concerts that ever saw was Satch at the Orphium on his "Flying in Blue Dream" Tour. The other was The Fire (SRV "In Step") & Ice (Beck "Guitar Shop") tour in Worcester.


Rory Gallagher's Self Titled Debut Album

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The other was The Fire (SRV "In Step") & Ice (Beck "Guitar Shop") tour in Worcester.

I was at that concert! Still have the ticket stub somewhere. Wow, small world.


We had lousy seats (on the side of the stage, almost behind it.) Great show though. I wasn't as familar with Beck's music back then as I was SRV's... so I didn't enjoy his set as much at the time.


Saw Beck a couple of years ago in a tiny 100 person max. club in Austin TX during the SXSW festival and it was amazing.

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