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The Critic's 2 cents

have I been honest and not overly critical?  

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  1. 1. have I been honest and not overly critical?

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tried putting the locations of the sites themselves in hyperlinks. Maybe it worked.


Philosophy of The Force

John Skywalker


Sequel to Adventures of John Skywalker


Not much has been done with the story yet, but it does flow readily.


Temptation Rising

Dylan Klay


Set before Star Wars: The Phantom menace, A Jedi team assisted by Rangers cover negotiations.


Kid, the only problems I saw with this were spelling, editing, and grammar. Editing is the most important because you have a number of times where the thought is not clear or the wrong word was used. You did throw me at the start when you began twice. But watching the editing showed me what you were thinking.

Very well done.


The fall of Revan

Jeremia Skywalker


Set After KOTOR I assuming a dark-side ending.

A young Jedi survives an attempt on the Star Forge and now must escape from Sith custody.


As I have told many before you, slow down. Your mind is creating images faster than you can type them and it shows in the product. I would suggest going a little retrograde. Write it down in long hand first, then transcribe it. That will cause you to A: edit as you go, and B: Reread your work so you catch obvious errors. The idea is good, but the story does not flow.

It will with work, trust me. I don’t have stories that I wrote when I was a lot younger, but I have an excellent memory and just thinking about them makes me thank the force that I learned.



Galactic Senate Coruscant Theater



Swift Squadron Series,


Commander Andersen


Adventures of a Republic Fighter squadron


The writer has the same problems a lot have had that I review, and it is that he is A: trying to visualize this like a movie and B: writing down this visual image which is happening too fast to really follow. The characters are not fleshed out, the scenes fall one after another but in a manner that makes them feel haphazard.


I made a SW story, I just wanna see if I should post




A cloned Emperor begins a campaign of conquest.

Everything bad that can be said about this was already said by Zane Marit, who critiqued it a lot more harshly than I would have unless I had been asked.

The idea needs work, and the kid needs to remember Clark’s rule. “Never use two words when one will do’ and I leave it at that.


Otherwise, as a first attempt it isn’t too bad.


Star Wars: The Darkness Within


Darth badman


Set 8 years after the Yuuzhan Vong Crisis. An apprentice of Darth Bane returns through time to menace the New Republic.


the style stilted, and the kid doesn’t seem to know what a paragraph is.

But the idea is interesting, so I have to say all it needs is work.


From Kotorfanmedia


The Fires of the Forge

Cesar de Biscarrat


In the Interim between KOTOR I and II. The Ebon Hawk is rescued by an old friend


The story is well craft, and as one of those that gave it a thumbs up said,

‘Oh my gods! Please for the love of all thing sacred continue this, you can’t leave me hanging like that!’


KOTOR Fairy Tales: Puss in Boots



A fairy tale using the characters of KOTOR


With a screen name like Karacat, you wouldn’t be surprised that she’d pick Puss in Boots. Having written a children’s story, I know how hard it is.

Yet she does it seamlessly right down to the interjections you would expect from an audience listening to such a story. Well worth the time to read it.


With a Kiss

Dinah Lance


A bittersweet parting between Revan and Carth.


39 readers gave this a thumbs up, and I can understand why.

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A note to every write on the site at present.


When I started this column, my biggest worry was that the instant I started the people I had reviewed would either, A: Use the poll that I added to this and tell me to take a hike, or B: Stop writing.


It's nice to know that I didn't scare you guys away. Keep it up.

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JK, I don't know why it did that. So just for all of you that might want to use the same excuse...

i think that everybody that needs to see your email has seen it. so, as per forum rules, email addresses have been deleted from this post. just a friendly reminder. -stingerhs


To use Jow from your own avatar BRING IT ON!

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Coruscant Entertainment center


The Lost Tales of Revan




Set in the period before The Phantom Menace; New revelations about the Revan of old.


The writing is a bit hesitant, but I think it is because JM is feeling her way in the story. The idea is old (Revenge done much later) but well done up to this point.

The only stumble I had was the villain talking as if it were he that had been betrayed, rather than an ancestor.


Darth Vader Evolved


An alternate reality story. Anakin Skywalker, the ex Darth Vader teaches a new Jedi master as a Sith lord creates Jedi clones.


The writing is stilted, the dialogue needs work. Primarily it needs as I have said over and over, editing and grammar. Looks good for a first work.



Jorran Corral - The Chronicles Of A Jedi



Before KOTOR I. Fifty years earlier, Exar Kun rises.


You’re making the same mistakes as before, Potsie. Slow down, don’t jump around from scene to scene so oddly, and remember that working with someone else's universe, your reader might not know the people you’re introducing.

One minor aside. Except for Vandar (Whose race is especially long lived) all of the other masters named from the game would have more likely been students. After all, your humble critic would have been 3 fifty years ago.



Galactic Senate Coruscant Theater



I'm Your Angel

The Prism


The consummation of Anakin’s marriage to Padme


The only problem I saw with this was editing. The Prism shows the inner workings of a young man infatuated with his bride very well. Anakin’s machinations in getting his new wife to where he can consummate the marriage are interesting and almost sweet.



Fringe Benefits

Zane Marit


A Tale of the Jedi Purge. Two Jedi with a secret that can destroy the newly formed Empire hide at Nar Shadaa


Another of Zane’s work, and deeper than most he has done. An excellent exposition on the problems of being a hunted fugitive, and why a hunted Jedi must try to blend in. He still tends to jump from present to past tense and back, but he is improving.


Star Wars: Reborn,



9 years after the fall of Grand Admiral Thrawn.


As the New Republic staggers toward their future, one of Thrawn’s protégé's throws a 2000 ship spanner into the gears.

After a rocky start (Too much being covered) the work smoothes out. A well-written fleet action in the middle of chapter 2 makes up for every flaw.


However Kevin wrote this same story three times. Back when I originally began critiquing, I started to critique a story named Reclamation. This is the exact same story, just an older version.



From Kotorfanmedia



Once Upon a Wroshyr Treetop



As Katrina (Revan’s alter-ego) sits up with her baby daughter, her mind goes back to the first kiss.


Rose has graced my reviews before, and as long as she turns out quality work like this, she always will. There are 23 thumbs up on the story, and I have to add mine.



Trust a Snake to Act Like a Snake?



After the Star Forge, Revan fears she hasn’t changed.

An excellent piece by xenzen who has yet to earn a nasty comment from me.



Dark Redemption


An exile Revan on Coruscant.

Scythe seems to have tried something I have never seen before. The first seven chapters according to kotorfanmedia were male revans, but chapters 8 and 9 are female.

Maybe they were misfiled. It does happen.

But Scythe's style makes up for any fault I could find.

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Sorry everyone. It seems I must have forgotten to post my review on friday. Consider me rebuked.



Coruscant Entertainment center



Darth Insurgo - Heir To The Sith



Before and during the beginning to Phantom Menace. Another young Sith works to become master.


You’re making the same mistakes as before, Potsie. A novel or story is not like a movie. Movies have to be fast paced because the audience isn’t going to sit still forever. But I have sat in one place for several hours reading a good book.

Again, slow down. Lead the reader, don’t drag him.

All in all a good concept, and an interesting underside view of what occurred in Phantom Menace.


The Mandalorian Apprentice



Set in the KOTOR era. A Mandalorian Jedi is hunted by bounty hunters.


Except for spelling and grammar errors, this is pretty good. The biggest problems I had were minor. One, where in the Mandalore code does it say you cannot be a Jedi? The average warrior code praises a warrior for discovering and using new talents, and a warrior code places someone who defends those unable to defend themselves higher than one who battle only for gain.


Second, and I have to agree with JM12 on this, why place a bounty on an entire race?


Other than those, great work, and I want to see more.


Ebon Hawk Pranksters



Set during KOTOR, the crew decides on a plan to get Bastila to lighten up.


I was amused almost instantly with this little piece. The set up for the prank was outstanding, and using HK as the straight man was choice.

Check your grammar and spelling. Other than that, thumbs way up, kid.




Galactic Senate Coruscant Theater


Star Wars: The New Empire

Grand Admiral Thrawn


Another splinter of the Empire strikes out 29 years after the battle of Endor.


Except for grammar and spelling, i saw nothing wrong with it.

One reviewer on the site gave him flak for having an Admiral that expected people to call him Chief Master Sergeant. When i read it I merely considered the military mentality. Most grab the highest rank they ever achieve, such as Custer wanting to be called General even after that rank was no longer his. The character earned CMS, and feels that anything else was given to him.

Well done, and I am sorry he stopped after two chapters.


The chronicles of the sith

Lord LeHack


The start of a young Sith’s path.


The biggest problem is that LeHack forgets to have conversation breaks in his writing, and some grammar punctuation and spelling problems. No biggie.

I enjoyed the idea of seeing the actual Sith species for the first time, but the timing left a lot to be desired. There is no timeline on when Korriban was originally settled, and whether that first settlement was human or Sith. The Essential Chronology and the previous books imply almost a thousand years between the first incursions by the Sith species, and the break away Jedi joining them. Yet he has compressed it (In my opinion) into a period of fifty odd years.



The Voyage Home

Tresk Im’nel


Set four years after the battle of Yavin concurrent with the Rogue Squadron books. Two people find love among the ravages of the civil war.


Tresk’s first work according to other reviewers is definitely worth reading. They style is a bit stilted, and needs some work, but that is just polishing rather than a major rewrite.



From Kotorfanmedia


Revan’s Gift



Set during the interim between KOTOR and KOTOR II. Three years after Revan left her crew to travel alone, Mission finds a gift.


The style is clean and well rounded. The story excellent. 15 readers on the site gave Allronix a thumbs up, and they are well deserved.




After the Fall



After the Star Forge is destroyed, Nouri (Revan) mourns the loss of Bastila and her innocence.


Athena prime, like a lot of excellent writers, took the story yet another way. We are all working with the same basic ingredients, but having her main character mourning a brain dead Bastila, her love for Carth in tatters, and suffering from survivor’s syndrome makes excellent reading. 24 readers gave this a thumb up.



David Gaider


After the Star Forge is destroyed, and the Republic celebrates, Revan decides what she wants in life.


David Gaider is an anomaly among us. He works for Bioware, and wrote this piece at the request of fans he knew. He immediately disclaims a lot of things. He denigrates his own work more than the most vicious critic.

Yet 34 readers gave it a thumbs up. 21 reviewed it.

Not bad, eh?

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No, i have the same problem.


English isn't my native speech, and although i can speak it quit well, i can;t write it correctly. This way, i use whole different words then i would use in my own language, just because i don;t know the apopriate word.


You'll see the sentence aboe is filled with grammatical mistakes, and i didn't do it on purpose ^^


This way, i also have a feeling that when i write, i just can't...capture the right feeling of a dialogue, like you pointed out.


So i just keep the dialogues as simple as i can ^^

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Even though you believe that you can't capture the right feeling of the dialogue, they still sound normal. When I read your dialogues, I find them pretty good and interesting. While when I read mine, I get the feeling that they are too focused on the subject and they seem unnatrual, forced and very uncreative. And yes, I find it much easier to make dialogues in my native language.

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