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[WIP] The Brotherhood of Shadow


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I'm currently working on the party member dialogue. As with all other party members you can ask her about the planet your currently on, but what differs here that instead of offering general information about the planet the new party member will tell you what YOUR plans were for that planet, as Darth Revan.


The example here is Manann...



- What do you know of this place?

Manann. They happily flaunt their neutrality within this conflict, but it is all a well preserved deception. The Selkath government here is corrupt to the highest levels, with dreams of grandeur. An agreement existed between your Sith and the Selkath government concerning the exclusivity of their medicine. They were to offer you Kolto in exchange for Sith Military technology and a assurance that no Manann invasion would ever take place.


- Why did the Selkath seek military technology?

They sought to create a Selkath military. The fools, so caught up in establishing their superiority, didn’t realise that the technology you did provide them was useless. It was in fact Republic technology, not Sith and was severely outdated, originating from the days of Exar Kun.


- Was an invasion of Manann ever planned?

Of course. You could not allow the Kolto to be openly distributed with the Republic.


- It is well known that Selkath Government threatened to destroy the Kolto supply should ever an invasion take place?

It was merely a well publicised bluff. The Selkath government knew just as well as you, that Kolto is the sole pillar that supports their global economy. Should the Kolto ever be destroyed, the Selkath would be utterly fragmented and would dissolve as a civilisation of any worth. The Kolto would never be destroyed, as long as it had any worth on the open market.


- Is this pact still in place?

I do not know. But Malak is no fool and would surely use what resources and connections you left behind in order to strengthen his supremacy among the self-claimed ‘neutral’ planets.

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One more example, Korriban.



Korriban, this place is a graveyard of ancient evils. And you knew of such places in the galaxy, their risks and their uses. Jedi often flocked here, distraught and betrayed by their cumbersome Jedi masters, they sought to join the ranks of the Sith, to join the man that brought them justice and truth, of whom defeated the Mandalorian aggressors.


Often did they regret their decision to defect. Broken, defeated and humiliated, these Jedi were converted into the fanatical Sith of whom would endow their lives to you and your cause.


- Why here on Korriban? There were plenty of other planets that offered a more secure backdrop to such activities.

Because this is a place of great evils, one of two known planets that run deep with the roots of the dark side. The Jedi could not resist both the corruption that surrounds them and the torture that followed. You often praised the practice for it’s efficiency.


- You mentioned ‘one of two’, what other planet was used to house these activities?

I.. do not know it’s name, nor it’s location, I would not want to. I know it’s nature is one of true, pure evil. It is a place of immeasurable power, dark twisted power. It is one of the many secrets that you let none privy to, not your admirals, not myself and not even your most trusted apprentice, Malak.



Don't you mean Manaan ?


Nice that you can ask the party member about the planet :thmbup1:

Thanks for pointing that out.

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Sekan that should be:


HK-47 is the most blood thirsty droid in the galaxy... That's why everybody loves him


Well... Everybody makes mistakes sometimes :xp: but lets not get this thread off topic now.


Anyway how will it be if the player choose dark side? Will the new party member disappear or will it just move to a different place in the party member selection menu?

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Well... Everybody makes mistakes sometimes :xp: but lets not get this thread off topic now.


Anyway how will it be if the player choose dark side? Will the new party member disappear or will it just move to a different place in the party member selection menu?

I haven't decided that part yet. Though I wonder, is it possible to move a party member to a different slot yet still retain the stats and equipment? That's something I'll have to test. :p

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I know HOW to do it. Just if or not in theory it would produce the results that I want.

There is no use moving a party member from one slot to another if it resets all stats and equipment to the default npc settings.


You can preserve the game state of the character if you first spawn the NPC into the area, remove them from the party table and then add them to the new slot in the party table. Like for example:


void main() {
   object oNPC = SpawnAvailableNPC(NPC_BASTILA, GetLocation(GetFirstPC()));
   AddAvailableNPCByObject(NPC_CARTH, oNPC);   


Then you are adding the instance of the NPC you have in the game world, complete with their progression, inventory and variables.


I think that should be enough in KOTOR 1 (in KOTOR2:TSL you'd need to transfer any Influence and puppets as well to the new party table slot).


If you travel to standard modules you'll need to keep an eye out for odd behavior though, since many scripts check if an NPC is present via their party table slot, without checking what's actually in that slot. Thus those scripts would think that your NPC occupying Carth's slot is Carth.

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Some of the NPC dialog (like the officer on the Revan's ship) seems pretty hefty. Where did you get the material for it, and how did you create the lines?
Probably because Silver has a very good imagination, and the skills and right tools of course to incorporate his/her vision into a mod, that's about it really. ;)
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