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(k1) Taris middle city


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I am now actively seeking help with finishing this mod. I know some people have volunteered, however I want to get a formal request out there, and formal replies/acceptance.


The modeling and texturizing are done. I am however, not a scripter/story writer, re-skinner. So I am in need of the following to make this a great addition to KOTOR and hopefully a permanent addition to everyones override/module folders:


1. Scripters: To get the area alive. Fill it with NPCs, merchants, placeables, dialog etc.

2. Storyline people: What script will the middle city and the above mentioned NPCs follow?

3. Module reskinners. There are 8 doors in the middle city that lead to indoor areas. Existing modules can be reskinned to make such areas. Cantinas, shops etc.


And thats it. Anyone who joins on to help me will be given exactly the same level of credit in making this mod as me, no more no less. It will be a team venture and not simply mine with your help.


Please let me know if you are interested, and we can begin :) I will send out my files for you to put in your module/override folder.

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Oh and Edit: This will be complete with its own skybox, I just have it hidden to model.


It will show if you look up a photo of the bottom of the upper city, city buildings to the left and right, and if you look down into the air traffic area, you will simply see the top of the lower city ceiling

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Might I suggest giving your Middle City it's own architectural style? If you're looking for suggestions, either Art Deco or the works of Frank Lloyd Wright might go well with the Taris Upper City design aesthetic.




Art Deco examples: http://z.about.com/d/architecture/1/0/s/n/chrysler76314614.jpg






Frank Lloyd Wright examples:






Looking forward to your end results, no matter what style you decide on.

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I have a slight update. I decided to start over from scratch, as the area was not big enough, nor built well enough.


I am still modelling buildings and shops, so I have not yet began adding textures. Just thought I would show off some screenshots:




This is where you will arrive from the uppercity, in an elevator on its own platform. You walk up a ramp and through an archway, and you enter the middle city.




A shot of the city block and the tall towers that will be across the air traffic area.




More of the city block, and you can more clearly see the big air traffic area that will have ships flying between the city block and the tall towrers.





This angle shows the massive 2 story apartment complex you will be able to enter as well as a third platform you can access by going up another ramp and through an archway. This area will be a fleamarket of sorts with lots of mercants outside with booths set up. You can also see the final area, the elevator to the lower city on its own platform.


As I said I am still modelling out all of the buildings. Most you will be able to enter, some will be just eye candy. I am building in some alley ways as said also, so allow the scum of the undercity to hide in and do illegal things.


edit* thanks to Quanon for some inspiration for buildings


More to come :)

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One question, where are all your man-boxes? It dosent look very on scale,


I am fairly certain that those shots make the buildings look small due to the proportions. I sure that Revan will be able to walk by all those buildings without being taller then them.

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Updated screens:




Ariel view of the city block, showing the support columns for the upper city bridge.




Manbox in a lonely world :(




Manbox looks up at the upper city and hopes the support columns hold




Wide shot showing all the buildings, uppercity bridge, the elevator from the uppercity etc.





manbox doing some shady bidness behind the shops in an alley


And that is all so far :)

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What sort of quests will be populating the area?


That is for holowan to decide :) I am modeling the area out, but have 0 experience with scripting for kotor. When the modeling is done, I will turn it over to holowan to decide what quests and things will populate the area.

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