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XWA One Year Thread Part VII: Shadows of the Forum

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had a good thanksgiving. got to see my sister and brother in law my 2 year old nephew and his new brother. :)


holding my breath for the next few days, not sure how much i'm going to miss this place. i know i'm going to come back with a different look on life and stuff. maybe. haha. at least one of my goals will be somewhat done...


which was figure out a way to enjoy doing some form of work for a while, have enough saved to last me a couple years where i won't have to do any 40+ hours 1/3 my life day to day job. the national guard has been the best for me in attaining that goal. despite paperwork issues! lol also im happy all my debts are being paid off!

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Spent the day with my family in Carver. Cool.


Came home and watched Tron Legacy Blu-Ray. Also cool.


Moving is difficult right now. Not so cool.


Thankful that Thanksgiving is only once a year. I'd be dead in a month if it happened more often.

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Thanksgiving was eventful. This is the first year that I had to manage time between two families, mine and my girlfriend.


Yesterday was Round 1 with my parents. I was a bit nervous because of what happened in our relationship earlier this year, but my parents and sister got along with my gf wonderfully. Many embarassing stories about my youth were told. This, I've noticed with my sisters boyfriends, is only something they do when they like the signifigant other of their kids. So, yeah, it went smashingly well. Except for the whole Gluton-Free diet my GF has because of Celiacs Disease. She was able to eat the potatoes, devil'd eggs and cranberry sauce....


Today was her family, which is much larger and closer to Rochester. It was her father, step-mom, 2 step-sisters, uncle, aunt, 2 cousins, her grandma and grandpa. They made a Gluton-Free turkey (Which means using gluton-free stuffing and other stuff), and 90% of the food she was able to actually chow on, and it was SO GOOD. Her family loves me, so we all got along great. Her dad and step-mom gave us a CRAP ton of left overs so we're set for a week, at least.


And my GF made gluton free pumpkin cheesecakes. HOLY GOD. So... tastey....

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QUiet Thanksgiving. Just My wife, her dad, and I. Started out the day by making egg cheese biscut sandwiches. Then my Father-in-law and I did a 2 mile charity walk. Watched the Macy's parade


Then Watched the awesome Texans-Lions game that went into overtime and delayed Thanksgiving dinner


After our tryptophan coma, we played someSmall World. I just barely won mainly because they didn't going in decline on turn 9.


Didn't go shopping today... I refuse to go shopping on Black Friday

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Swapped out my ancient cable modem (at least 6 years old...) this morning with the one my girlfriend left behind (that she got last year.)


We'll see if that cures some of the annoying slowdowns and data drops that have been plaguing my network connection for the last couple of weeks.


It's cold and damp out there today... but I'm going for a long walk to attempt to work off some of yesterday's excesses...

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congrats, you bought a game that sucks.





I just worked my first 8hr day in 4yrs. yay.avi ^_^


I'm going to work again tomorrow... ugh.





I am working at a pallet (shipping skid) making business. its small


on the plus, the other (my boss) also works for the same company where my dad works at, so thats the plus (he sees my dad almost everyday)



finally, he's (my dad) off my arse about getting a job

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well i for one enjoyed my 4 day weekend.


Started playing Dance Central 3 on my XBOX Kinect last night. This game is going to so kick my arse, I was even doing the "Warm-up" songs and breaking a sweat. Then for giggles I started working on the LMFAO song "Sext and I know it" It has a high number of PTpm (Pevlic thrusts per minute)


wiggle wiggle wiggle, yea

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today 9 1/4hrs


was going to cut out at 8 hrs

but the forklift died, and i had to help get that back in the shop, cus it died int he middle of the friggen road...


all in all, i'm about 21 1/4 hrs into my first 40hr work week in 4 years




say, when I do get these 40hrs, can I b***h yet? ;P

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My back is starting to feel a bit better. Wow, that was a painful experience.
I've had my upper back (shoulders; neck...) go into spasm a couple of times. Agony.


At the moment I'm dealing with an infection on my cheek. Ugly and painful and embarrassing. But maybe this was the cause of the recurring ache under my eye and the sinus and ear weirdness... Whatever it was, it ran deep. I hit it with hydrogen peroxide the other night, and it sizzled and bubbled like mad, and felt like it was drilling it's way into my skull.


It's snowing here now. Gross.

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My face doesn't hurt as much, though it's still a bit puffy and red.


The peroxide doesn't react like splashing acid on my face anymore though... so that tells me the infection is probably dead... I hope.


I've gone through half a tube of Neosporin in the last couple of days though.

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