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I've just been basking in the afterglow of building a new computer. Still have to purchase a new video card, though. I remember when I had this problem with Jedi Outcast, and couldn't set the volumetric shadows option on without making something slow to a crawl.


Other than that, not much. I do improv occasionally, the theater scene here is pretty active. Avengers was cool, though Iron Man kinda did most of the world-saving. And now I'm going to work. :p

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Dravis, Avengers was fabulous. However, while IronMan did most of the saving, without the rest of the glorious man candy in the cast, all would be lost. :p


Irony: I posted about how the Swamp was dying then totally forgot my post, and didn't log in for more than a month.


Log in bonus: A NEW BADGE!! :o

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