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Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4b, Episode VII due Dec. 18 2015 *Cast Announced 29/04/14*


Disney buys Lucasfilm - Good or Bad  

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  1. 1. Disney buys Lucasfilm - Good or Bad

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They should of had Sam Witwer do it. Tim Curry isn't even trying to sound like Palpatine.


l agree they shud had Sam Witwer to do it Tim Curry isn't even trying but l noticed that he voiced phalpatine at season 5 episode 20 the wrong jedi

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He's not. Why are people posting TCW news on this thread? No idea...


Because someone posted a link about palpatine's character getting a new Voice Actor, and I felt obligated to post my opinion.


But I digress, I'll keep my discussions about that series in the thread dedicated to it.

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So, I read in the paper that Disney have mentioned a potential Chewbacca spin off, and even a -shudder- Jar Jar spin off.


They've bought Star Wars now, and to be honest, it's gonna be milked dry for years to come. Disney are going at this full of enthusiasm, purely because of how big the fan base is. The truth is, they are going to ruin the beloved franchise with film after film.


I appreciate they are going to try to make it great, but ultimately, I don't see it. Kind of like a leper at a cookery course, no?

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