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Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4b, Episode VII due Dec. 18 2015 *Cast Announced 29/04/14*


Disney buys Lucasfilm - Good or Bad  

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  1. 1. Disney buys Lucasfilm - Good or Bad

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Jaina and Jacen Solo might be in the films as well, according to rumors.


I definitely expect the kids of Leia and Han (and Luke, probably) to be in the film as the major players, but I would be beyond surprised if they ended up using the character names from the EU.


There's been rumors of Saoirse Ronan playing the film's lead (which I'd like, though I'd rather her be the Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2, even though that possibility seems long since gone), and a lot of peoples minds jumped to Jaina, but I don't think she'll be named that even if she ends up filling the same role.

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(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


Michael B. Jordan would be incredible for some sort of role in Star Wars. He's a fantastic actor! Loved every minute of his role for the TV series "Friday Night Lights," and I hope he finds a spot in the series.

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Michael B. Jordan would be incredible for some sort of role in Star Wars. He's a fantastic actor! Loved every minute of his role for the TV series "Friday Night Lights," and I hope he finds a spot in the series.


He was brilliant in Fruitvale Station.

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It looks as if Episode VII has an official release date now - 18 December, 2015.


A long ways away, for sure. But if that means we actually get a decent movie out of the deal, then that's fine by me.

Too bad it isn't being released during May like all previous six movies were. I guess it would have been a bigger deal if the original movies were all released on May 4th because of "May the 4th be with you!", but still, Star Wars has always been a summer blockbuster. Although I am actually okay with this because they said they weren't thinking about a specific release date because they have determined that it's simply the amount of time they will need to create the movie. Hopefully extra production time means great locations, great actors, and a great plot. Let's hope!

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I can't say I'm surprised, but it doesn't mean I'm not saddened. I like Marvel as a publisher but they simply do not have the space in their schedule for as robust a Star Wars comics line as Dark Horse had.

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This is the bad news I expected but refused to think about.


Almost all of the Changes, retcons, minor issues, major issues the fans have aired and grieved about since the early nineties have made no impact on my Fandom, because I always knew dark Horse would be releasing quality adult Star Wars excellence, even through the Dark Times (2008-2013 (TCW)) DH came through with classic after classic.


Dark Horse losing the contract for Comics, is my Han shot First, my Midichlorian, my Moffitt Ani. Sad sad day. with there being no mention of the comic licence a year after the purchase, I'd hoped that my Precious EU, my version of events could somehow live on in the canon alongside whatever JJ has in store for our GFFA. I'm not sure Star Wars will resemble what we've come to love, come 2015 :(


Thank you



Jonathan Adams

Paul Alden

Peter Alilunas

Scott Allie

Phil Amara

Kevin J. Anderson

Thomas Andrews

Kia Asamiya

Brian Augustyn

Chris Avellone

Peter Bagge

Jeremy Barlow

Mike Baron

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Nathan Walker

Andi Watson

Rob Williams

Ryder Windham

Judd Winick

Jim Woodring

Timothy Zahn

Dustin weaver

Brian Ching

Michael Atiyeh


and all the other many hundreds of amazing writers, pencilers, inkers, letterers and colourists. You created a better Star Wars.



I Don't think the gaping, forever pregnant Alien Queen's abdomen that is the Marvel Comic release schedule will have the patience and TLC that Dark horse had, and release meaningful, inter-related deep stories. The EU is dead.

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I am also disheartened, even though I knew it was inevitable. But I am glad that so many series that I love had a completion, and there is still time to wrap up the current ones that I follow. For me Dark Horse created the best stories of the EU.

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I never really got into too many of the comics myself. My absolute favorite was always "Crimson Empire" but that was really the extent of my following of the EU comics. I would like to pick up some of the other storylines though. Dark Horse seemed to be a quality contributor to the universe!

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Dark Horse gave 22 years of hard work and passion and that will live on in my personal library and Canon, which is a small positive I can hold on to.


The main issue (Other than some great people losing work etc, remember some artists and writers were employed as Star Wars artists, without the contract they don't have a job there) is the conditions in which stories were created...


When dark Horse took over the comic license, Star Wars was forgotten by all but a few fat dudes in Indiana, it was just a "Oh yea, I used to have Star Wars bed sheets when I was kid, what of it?"


An Independent Comic team pushed for the contract, they dreamed of taking the Universe to another level, a massive interweaving story, in the distant past and far future. The Amazing Tales of the Jedi from 1993 was the basis for the very game this sub-forum exists for, Without Dark Horse there wouldn't be a Knights of the Old Republic, and Old Republic... Thank you DH.


Marvel will not be pushing boundaries, putting effort in to maintaining a continuity, they will be releasing tie-in materials for the many (Possibly too many?) films being released over the next few years.


Its a sad day :(

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