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Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4b, Episode VII due Dec. 18 2015 *Cast Announced 29/04/14*


Disney buys Lucasfilm - Good or Bad  

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  1. 1. Disney buys Lucasfilm - Good or Bad

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I think this was disney's fault... Completely real


It seems to me that this was entirely between Lucasfilm and Rovio. What makes you think Disney was involved?


Also, what's wrong with Angry Birds: Star Wars? It's just Rovio giving AB: Space a Star Wars treatment. It's not like this commanded Lucasarts' attention preventing us from getting a 'proper' game in that time period..


It's like getting SW Mighty Muggs or Alienware computers.

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Darth Vader will rise from the ashes.

I don't think I've heard someone use that phrase so literally before. That whole article sounds like one of those "My uncle works at Nintendo" type things.


Also, is Darth Maul like the only person in Star Wars to ever be regurgitated so they could be used in a future story?


e: Reposting this picture because I love how ridiculous it is:



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