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The XWA.net One-Year Thread VIII: Heir to the Forum


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Well, I asked a few of my other fan friends about the shaky camera work in ST, and a few of them actually thought it added realism to the scenes that had a lot of explosions in them.


what about shaky cameras during the non-action scenes and close ups? when I took a film class we were told to use a tripod to keep the camera steady during close ups to prevent the viewers from getting dizzy or sick

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having money is ****ing great. bought a new pair of shoes, and a 2 terabyte hard drive. and still have money in the bank and getting paid tomorrow. hell yeah.


so far the cool things i bought here:


xbox 360 -$300

hdmi cable for it $40

metal gear solid hd collection $30

nikon digital camera $150

helmet camcorder $100

2 terabyte hard drive $120

new pair of running shoes $120


god knows what else i'll buy when im here. so far i dont need anything else that costs money!


plus...all my bills are gonna be paid off by may, only stuff i gotta pay is my student loan, car insurance, and rent. rent is hardly anything lol. then i just gotta save my money for when i get home, going on a week vacation with my friends and then either back to college or onto the better life; active duty. we'll see about the active duty though since they freezed hiring, but since im already on active duty orders, it may be easier to get in. im really hoping so cause this is what i really want to do, though i can get away with my little apartment and getting paid to go to school, i just dont see the point when i can do better for myself and my country. but eh, national guard does have many options for active duty status, but my fear is not being able to do my mos scout stuff, or having to reclass.

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Home again. Total system shock. Woke up to sunshine and 80 degree weather. Going to bed with snow in the low 20s.

Ed, are you ready for a bunch of dentists to descend upon Boston next week? I'll be there Wed-Thur for a dental conference.
Ahhh! Floss ninjas!!!




Which convention center are you going to be at? If it's at the Hynes, we'll be about a block apart.

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came home around 4am after bartending....


sore, tired.

was hungry


foraged the wilderness that 'civilized people' call a 'reffer-rage-der-rating-box' or what ever you peoples call it for a steak cooked hours ago ( :/ ) and some store bought broccoli salad

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you lost it?
It expired on my birthday last June... and I apparently never took it out and looked carefully at it since long before that, because I've been driving around on it this whole time.


It took a TSA agent at Logan airport to actually point these facts out to me. Of course, I was leaving for 10 days in Florida at the time, so there was little I could do about it until after I returned.



It looks like I've suddenly stopped getting any email notifications about activity on this thread. Anybody else having this problem?

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back to my workout routine with n.o. explode 2.0 advanced strength. pushups/situps/run haha gonna own the pt test when i get home.


Ghost Recon Future Soldier is ****ing brilliant. lots of stealth killing and action. watched my buddy play it for a few he's playing it on easy mode and there are many missions. i'm on elite mode and it is challenging enough for me but enjoyable at the same time. i'm stuck on halo 4, haven't played in about a week. almost beat the old republic's main story with my agent. that game is addicting too. :) need more advanced armor so i can be competitive in pvp..i really miss pvp.

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