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In Game Names!

Wraith 8

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Hey people. like i said in the news letter.


Ingame we have a friends list. on that list you can put your palls and see when he/she is on.


So i would kindly all ask you to post your in game names here....

thank you


Lucasforums name : Wraith 8

SWGalaxies.net name : Wraith 8

Official forums name: Wraith8

INGAME NAME: Corzip Dinn

E-mail adres : erik_klasen@hotmail.com

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This thread is for members only, a'ight? :)


Lucasforums name : Jan Gaarni

SWGalaxies.net name : Jan Gaarni

Official forums name: JanGaarni


E-mail address : gaarni@online.no


To those of you who were already accepted into the PA before SWGalaxies.Net went down, can still post. :)

Then head over to SWGalaxies.Net and register in our PA once again. :D

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