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  1. last year: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 on psx .. + perfect balance cheat = try grind for an hour or two on any edge visible and reachable.. man .. points until the counter stopps. RULZ askikin ..


    and of course .. whenever i get this melodythingsy in my head .. Monkey Island .. and stuff (actually i never STOPPED playing it .. )

  2. Cant we just upload the data we downloaded? i mean gfx, sfx all the stuff??? yes maybe it wouldnt be the latest .. but with that "half" backup and some superpirates .. and the articles etc .. will be discussed freshly new .......... .... ... ... .. . . . .... . . . could it be that "ez"???? is it totally screwed.. really?


  3. .. .. ..(hey, at least ive tried to save some lifes, too)


    yeah.. where is that equal rights stuff by getting every door opened??? There is (for anatomic reasons) just one thing men can do, which women cant.






    but i heard surgery is working on it..


    i mean equal rights is not something like get everything because you say: "oh otherwise you are suppressing me.. " yeah right. and if i accept this you are suppressing me..?? .. women think about it.. (you men too..)

  4. let's get som serious points in here..

    -stupid and bad people should die.

    -people who do not care for mankinds mention/future/advance..

    -people who try to land a plane at a scyscrapers 80th level...

    -hey come on what did j.lopez do? ok, her music not the best.. but .. leave her alone she is not BAD! she just .. geeniceass lopez, if we start killing artists or people like that then we have to head on killing britney (whoo), christina (haa), siegfried&roy (chinchin).. the inventor of POP IDOL (first i thought POP YOUR IDOL.. herher .. i would have taken CHRIS (sorry eminem, but she rulz)) .. that would be a waste of ammo (resources) and time.

    -lazy people.

    -racists, rapers and children abusers.. hey it even doesnt matters if such people got a COLOR-O-SKIN (?) .. they can be transparent, may have green hair or sticked full with PEACE logo's .. i dont care, they must die FIRST.

    -racists, rapers and children abusers..


    [Hi. edited for unnecessary repetition]


    -som or som more politicans.

    -i would mention terrorists here, but i count them to the first three point in my list, there is no need to give them extra-attention, coz theyre really useless short thinking b.st.rds pretending theyre doing just for MANKINDS BEST. har. big laugh .. , though it is not funny.

    -whale hunters. announced here for all people who kill, treat (or stuff like that) animals. hey i am just talking to you too, you with your 2 doggies in your 2 room flat living in a dusty city..

    -smoking, drinking people saying DONT DO DRUGS.





    -people who wont give me grog coz i forgot my ID in my other pants..


    :D :D :D :D



  5. :eek:


    .. well let's say TIMMY (AND HIS FRIENDS) are a little nerdy bunch of .. genius people with BIG BRAINS.. maybe they have HUGE HEADS and they never get up from their computers so they dont have legs n stuff anymore. ..


    hey, i think tims workin hard (beside all the fun he has with it you know, chicks, pizzas, more chicks..) for what were enjoying, it didnt came just by mighty godpowers..

  6. ..

    ScummVM is a cool tool, it works quite fine (ouh, i see we got sum lil BUGGIES out dere.. herherher) and it comes tough.. so you get the respect....!! .. but i prefer VDMSound&VDMSLaunchpad and some DOS-Timing-tools.. and the "EXE-Interpreter" of Scumm. One reason is: i can use my old savegames. Isnt it possible to convert them to ScummVM???? .. hmm. Ill keep watchin it.. for the future.. to see how it goes on with it..

  7. ..oh .. OK. you may remove it if you want so. I dont wanted to bother anyone (from the good ones).. actually i didnt thought it was "tough" enough..


    I just wanted to say taking mojo is like take a babys lollipop. Easy but so BAD. And definitly NOT cool. Dont they have something (really) creative to do? I am angry about such people. .. ..



    anyway.. the force and stuff.. you know ... soon it will be allright again.. P-)

  8. all those creepy HACKERcrackhaedz aout dere .. nibblin through the web.. suckin everything down they get into their stinky fingaz..



    so listen: if I would ever get ROOTRights on your f-in harddisk.. YOU POOPOOHEADZ wouldnt have 1 single bit left for even storing NO (i meant ZERO) data!


    you should hunt down some terrorists or people like that.. use your skillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to proof there is no allah, jesus, humpetybumpetysuckingGODcreatureswithnoBRAINinit.. you could have thrown a ball, read a book, played monkey instead.




    .. you must lay down MOJO. ..


    HOW ABOUT THAT: start your browser an go www.dierightnow.net/hard/painful/veeeeryyssslowwwww/getEATENbyMURRAYwhileyourBALLSareCROSSWISEbeingKEELHAULED.htm



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