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Welll let's see.


I got about 160 today from late birthday money. I gave 100 to my parents to help out with bills and stuff, and with the remaining 60 I bought...


Volcano High DVD(awesome movie)238277.jpg

Led Zeppelin U.S. Tour '77 Tee

Jedi Poster to go along with my sith one


and my cousin bought me a green Nike track jacket.


I loves it. :D

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The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang




Time for my review. :D


I must admit, when I first heard they were releasing a new album, I wasn't expecting anything at all. Usually, classic rock bands and new CDs do not mix - for example, in my opinion Just Push Play (Aerosmith), Stiff Upper Lip (AC/DC) and Bridges To Baby (Rolling Stones, their last album before this) did not... well... meet standards. They sucked, to be straighforward.


So, I headed into my local store to pick this up. I waited weeks for this, I could have downloaded the songs but I wanted to wait.


Pop it in the CD player - a familar song, Rough Justice. This was one of their radio singles. Very cool song, I heard this live. Up pace, very cool song. "I used to be your rooster, but now I'm just one of yo cocks" is a great line. :D


Let Me Down Slow and It Won't Last Long were the first two songs I did not know. Once I heard them, I think it sealed the deal that was indeed the album fans have been waiting for.


Rain Fall Down is one of my favorite songs. Has a disco feel to it, even. Sort of like Miss You. This one is incredible, my second favorite on the CD.


Streets of Love... well. This one is pretty pop, I'll admit. Pop songs and classic rock bands don't mix... take Jaded by Aerosmith. However, pop culture seems to be shunning this one! I actually like the song a lot. "Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh I walk the streets of love". I just keep getting a nasty image of Green Day in my head, but doesn't really sound like their song, luckily.


Back Of My Hand is the Stones at their best. They've been playing it at concerts, but not at mine. This is pure blues. It's great! Lyrics are great, Mick even plays slide guitar!


She Saw Me Coming is an average song. Nothin spectacular here. It's kinda.... repetive. I still like it though.


Biggest Mistake is kinda like a love song, but it's not really pop. Sounds a little bit like blues and country mixed. I like it. Nice and relaxing.


This Place is Empty is a Keith song! :D lol, it's not that bad, but I think Keith saying some of this stuff sounds funny. Infamy is much better.


Oh No Not You Again is my favorite song! If you buy this album, don't get edited because they butcher this song. "Oh No, Not You Again... ****in up my life!". I DID see this one live, it was incredible then, and this studio version tops it!


Dangerous Beauty is a little weird. Seems kinda overproduced. I like it though,


Laugh I Nearly Died is my third favorite here. I love the end of it, when the rest of the band is chanting and Mick keeps singing his verses.I think they say "Been travelin far and wide, wonderin whos gonna be my guide".


Sweet Neo Con. This. This is the song EVERYONES talking about. It's the Bush Basher song. "You call yourself a Christian, I think you are a hypocrite, You say you're a Patriot, I think you're a crock of ****". Etc, pretty political, now they claims it's NOT Bush, but all the lyrics point to yes. Stuff about entering wars against our friend's aid and stuff. Whatever. This song let me down. I'm fine with the message. The song is just... weak. Strong lyrics, weak beat. It's boring. The chorus would be cool, but it sounds weird when he says "My Sweet Neo Con". Worst song here.


Look What The Cat Dragged In is another fast paced rocker! Cool song, maybe even better than Rough Justice. Chrous is the best "Look what the cat dragged innnnnnn ah"


Driving Too Fast is another average song. Not bad, not great.


Infamy is the second Keith song, and last on the CD. I saw this number live, and I like it a lot more now. Mick plays harp on it, pretty cool. A bluesy number. I dunno what the song is, but they saw infamy like In For Me.... "You got it in for me". Maybe just a play with words?


This is their second longest studio album, next to Exile On Main Street from 1972. Class A stuff. I could not be any happier. When the press said this is the album fans were waiting for, they weren't bull****ting.

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Well my wallet got jacked last week, so my mom made me wait a week and see if anyone turned it in, and no one has, so I have started replacing everything in it, and that's been a real bitch and a half.


So now now I have a nice wallet, on a 1 and a half foot long chain, and if my school tells me that if I don't take it off I'm gonna get suspended again, I'll tell them to f*** off, it's their fault that I got jacked in the first place(they made me take my other one off).

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Very underated game IMHO, if you don't find sticking some scum bag's head into a drill press deeply satisfactory, apparently you don't have the same sense of humor I have.


Ah he he he he...I have that sense of humor. Ah he he he he. Woodchipper mah friend it is.

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Nothin but love and good natured raillery, grooves ^^


check out that kid using raillery. so totally learned it 3 weeks ago from english class





I bought the first Punisher comic book from a local candy store when I was 12-13 years old. It was one of the first and last comic book characters I ever got into.


Back then all the comics were drawn with massive muscles. Maybe it was the 80's obsession with homoerotisism, or maybe we just never really paid attention and got used to it back then, but honestly I never gave it a second thought until now.

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