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God damnit, I hate the people that read the book before the movie, especially this one. No offence meant, just, don't spoiler me, it already happened by a friggin moron at school that was reading it and YELLED, at the top of his lungs, OMG! *insert spoiler here*! I slapped the bejesus out of him for it.


And I thought you were going spoiler free as well.


As for me, I just got a new cheap cd player, basic.


I also scored an old but still alright computer and the copy of Win 98 for it, all I need is a HD. There's one I'm getting hopefully by the end of the week at fries for 50 bucks, but then mail in rebate get's me 15 back :D


It's not good by todays standards, but it's better than the crap fest I have right now in my room.


EDIT:And how could I forget, my tickets to the midnight showing of RotS :D

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Originally posted by Darth Groovy image3.jpg


I LOVE this thing, so comfy, that other live headset pinched my head too much, and was very uncomfortable.


I got the very same headset... Bought it back in Jan as my standard headset broke and only held by tape..

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New, cheap, but working CD player - $10




Toss out the crappy headphones that came with it, with these babies - $20




New CDs to go with it, Queens of the Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf, and Lullabies To Paralyze - $29, but only 4 cuz 25 dollar best buy girft card :D




My DS my Grandma bought for me (also got one for lil brother)




Warioware that my grandma bought me, and Mario 64 that I bought - $30




And finally, Myst IV Limited Edition DVD set with Myst III exile included - $10 (Target Sales pwn)



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Originally posted by ZBomber


Lol, may I suggest quoting only the one pic ;)


But yeah, they give nice sound quality and comfort for little cost. I need them though, not for cd players or anything, cuz I don't mind 5 dollar headphones from wal mart, but I need them for my digital drumset. They sound awsome on it.

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This was the last thing i bought:




I bought it to take into my exam. It obviously wasn't in a fancy glass like that or i would have been laughed at it was in a nice modest bottle.


It was lipton ice tea: mango flavour


on the whole it was quite refreshing and met my liquiditary needs for the exam. It tasted a bit like those red and yellow 1p fruit salad sweets but melted down and diluted.


I found it quite refreshing and tasy but not a life changing experience


unfortunatly after drinking half the bottle i encountered haribo syndrome where after excessive consumption of highly sweety goods and beverages they began to adopt a bitter taste to them.


i didnt finish the botle and it ended up in the bin after the exam.


a good effort though by the iced tea people though it should have tasted more like tea


final score 5/10


conclusion buy a coke or sprite or bottle of water or something.

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