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I bought a lot in Toronto! :D


Blue Jays Hat

Blue Jays Bat

Blue Jays Ball

Blue Jays Pins

Baseball Hall of Fame Pins

Cooperstown, NY Hat

Some Baseball Glass thing

Aerosmith Hoodie

Aerosmith - Pump

Aerosmith - Permenant Vacation

Aerosmith - Classics Live II

Aerosmith - Live Bootleg

Guns N Rose - Use Your Illusion DVD (Live)


Woooo! Good times! :D


(Ijn case you didn't notice, the trip was mostly for Baseball stuff. :D)

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Originally posted by Pie™



One of last years best movies IMO, and I'm a Burtonite, so :)


I love that movie!


That was the first movie me and my EX-GF ever saw. It WAS the perfect date movie, and I had a good time. Even since we split ways, and became freinds, we both still love that movie. ;)


Tim Burton is one of my favorites! I have almost ALL of his movies on DVD. :cool:

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Last 2 days I've filled up my record collection a bit



Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger



The Sisters Of Mercy - Some Girls Wander By Mistake



Immortal - Pure Holocaust



Carpathian Forest - Strange Old Brew



The Cure - Join The Dots (4 cd set)



Danzig - Danzig



The Best Of Deicide



Love And Rockets - Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven



Clan Of Xymox - Medusa



Disiplin - Disiplin

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Originally posted by ZBomber

Those scare meh! :(

Me too. :eek:


Just got me this. Really funny. Good game, fun for blowing stuff up without too much thinking involved. The story is pretty good too. :D


This game. Interesting (I've read the books) but the puzzles are waay too hard for me. I need a walkthrough. :p


This one too. Fun. You get to shoot things in an adventure game! Yay!


A huge book on XML. Fun to read. I love XML now.

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