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Went to a massive book sale today -


Comet / Carl Sagan / HB

The Stars are also Fire / Poul Anderson /HB

The Fleet of Stars / Poul Anderson / HB

Harvest of Stars / Poul Anderson / HB

2061: Odyssey Three / Arthur C. Clarke

Rama II / / Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee

2010: Odyssey Two / Arthur C. Clarke

Artifact / Gegory Benford / HB

Physics book / who cares (for programming)

AI programming / who cares (for those darn video games)

Contact / Carl Sagan / HB

Rondezvous with Rama / Arthur C. Clarke

Stranger in a Strange Land / Robert A Heinlein

Manifold Time / Stephen Baxter

About five other 400+ page programming/computer related books with MSRPs of $30 or more


King's Quest 7!

Care to guess what all that cost me?


$23 USD!


It was a steal.

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Today I went out half assed Christmas shopping, and wound up buying something for myself, because I am a bad boy. :(


I have several Robocop action figures that I have bought through out the years, but this is the best sculpt I have ever seen! Well DUH! It's a McFarlane action figure!!!!




And because I always wanted one, and there were only 3 left in the store:





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I then spent several hundred dollars on gifts for family and friends (huge white teddy bear with a red ribbon around its neck for a cousin, a large fire deparment headquarters Lego set for a cousin, His Excellency by Joseph J. Ellis for an aunt, Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen (great guy), The Blues (based on a PBS series) for a friend, and an Iogear 2-port KVM switch for a cousin). Dang, I still have to get more presents, too. ^_^


This has been quite the uplifting day. :D

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i like teh old skool ladies....they were real


i bought today

-Transnine pants from Pacsun (15 US)

-Half-Life 2 ((57 US)minus 20 cuz i traded in games and a movie)

-Star Wars: Fast Through the Forest playskool set (10 US)

-Sony Stereo Headphones (20 US)

-and Air Dusters for the computer (4 each=8 US)


was a good hunt today!

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