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Obi was in the USA's capital! AHH! (pics)


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Yes, I went to Washington DC with my gf and her family. For those who have never been, I must say it's really cool. We seen a lot of stuff, and I was about 400 ft. from the leader of our nation. How in the world can someone not be excited? It was AWESOME. My gf stuck her arm in the White House gate and stole some grass from the lawn and got yelled at by a cop. :p



It was really cool. I have tons of pics.



The first pic is of me and my gf in front of the Abe monument. It was really huge.


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This is the last pic I can post for a while. It's the capital building and the white house and the washington monument.. It was late when we got to the white house, but it was cool. I've combined them into 1 image.


I took all of these pictures too, btw. (except the first)


I think I'm a half-way decent photographer.


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Originally posted by RpTheHotrod

How about a latest picture of you? An up-close one.


um......ok. I guess I'll take one and post it right quick.






I think I actually look decent in that hat now that I am in half-way good shape.





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I was in DC on the night of the 2000 elections. We had a gig the next night in one of the big hotels downtown... a couple of blocks from the White House.


I woke up in the morning, went downstairs for breakfast... only to encounter: "WHAT do you mean we don't know who is the next President?!?!!"


Got to see some of the sights that day before work... but I can only say the mood around town, everywhere we went, was a bit surreal.


In my own, marginal way, I felt I was part of history where and when it was happening.

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Originally posted by Astrotoy7

Nice pics obi :)


If I went ti DC, I'd of course be stayin in the trunk of my car with a sniper rifle trained at the White House :p




which is probably exactly why you haven't visited.....



yeah i've been there before obi. pretty neat place with all the monuments but i'd pass up on all the people.

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