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New Jedi Knight Game Rumors


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Wow, I can’t believe this forum is still going. I just wanted to add that Lucas Arts can suck it as far as I am concerned. First we find out that force unleashed is not being released for the PC, then when the demo comes out it turns out to be a piece of crap-console game. No open JK playability.


I have been with LA since the first Tie Fighter release on the floppy! I really feel let down by the company as a whole. Although, I still read the books...erhmmph


So, who is modding a game for us to play JK with updated graphics and levels? It has been too long.


Dark Forces really doesn't need updated graphics since it's a D0s game. There was recently a Dark Forces 2 mod that gave the game higher resolution models however.


A majority of fans don't really mind the graphics for Academy or Outcast. They are mostly right now doing conversion mods (Like the Dark Forces conversion mod that was recently canceled but will probably be resurrected) which have very high resolution models and maps. No one really cares about the singleplayer for Academy anyway and small time modders are still making skins/models for both games. I doubt the levels need to be updated at all, they all have a certain flair to them unique to the Jedi Knight series.


I have to agree. Lucasarts has been going a bit downhill when they are trying to please their fans lately. They of course tried to find a middle ground in pleasing the fans and making a profit by developing The Old Republic. But now it seems very unlikely that Lucasarts will try and resurrect this franchise.


Most likely in like a decade Lucasarts would reference Kyle Katarn's adventures in a future game. But another game in the series? People have already given up hope. Man I sound very cynical in this post.

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I have to say i think there is no way unless a complete miracle happens to ressurected JK.

They gave up Tie Fighter,but they then again they went back to KOTOR kinda and we thought that that was dead as well but then they have TOR.I believe that there's no telling what's going to happen al i have andsome people have is hope but that's it.Hopefully i'm wrong...

Then again i only know of EAW or Empire at War,has kyle in it and that's the latest kyle appearence.BF3 is coming i think so maybe the JK characters will somehow have a part in that.Maybe LA will change,but i don't think they have any intentions with JK.:(

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I think LucasArts does the very best they can, it is a very challenging enviornment for Game development right now with a huge range of platforms and systems, and the way some of the OS makers kept trying to sell incomplete new operating systems.. lol


I love JKA and JKO, two of the very best games ever made yet, graphically and in the way the in game character can move and act....and it is so stable and moddable. The sky is still the limit, if you havent look at some of the May mods and maps and the kind that are being made now by Mercenary and some of the other mod masters.... we are very fortunate to have the huge star wars universes so well represented in the JK series, the X Wing series for those who like space, and so many other ways. Battle front and EaW leave me cold and i have no interest in them per se, but there is much much else to enjoy. And I too love Kyle and enjoy Jaden and all the characters in the games. They are well done indeed. I am sure we will get to see more of the JK series as time goes by, for LA is not dumb and they see the support the games still recieve. JKA is now selling for over 80.00 per game on Amazon :)

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dude i love kyle as much as anyone. but at least here he is your master. and you get to learn and fight from and with him. Jaden is awsome.


I still find it amusing that this person signed up and underwent the whole membership process just to make this one trivial comment, and hasn't been around since. :animelol:


Carry on.

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Yep. Pretty much.

Frankly I'm about done with Jedi. They really don't interest me. I want to play a smuggler...


I can agree with that...


Star Wars was better with fewer Jedi and Sith, in my opinion. The political stuggle between the Empire and the Rebellion and how it affects the lives of the people in that universe, seemed to be much more important to the story than any religion.

The Jedi/Sith seemed more like they should only have ever been on the sidelines influencing events slightly - Not blatanly jumping in front of the screen, with flashing lights and explosions, while projecting subliminally: "Buy my action figure."


So, smuggler/mercenary/soldier/bounty hunter/spy. Yeah, it would be a welcome change, if done properly. (Dark Forces, still can't be beat, for it's time.)


I played Star Wars Galaxies...a few times. eh. It's a step in the right direction, with those classes. Now, lets refine it with an actual story for a single-player campaign and we might have a winner.

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Much excellent activity continues in the community of the extended Star Wars universe, the Team Giska repair work on KOTOR II is rumored to be getting closer to release (a mysterious post titled 2 weeks appeared on their official forum), great restoration work has been done on KoTOR I over the past year and a half, Tie Fighter was upgraded to XWA engine with TFTC, now the excellent X Wing Redux project which was originally completed in Spanish is being completely translated and upgraded into English (check the XWAU site), Multi play games continue to be hosted and fought with Red Squadrom, Rebel Squadron and more, the new MMO game is in development and i imagine closed beta by now, and the Clone Wars series is on the small box..... and excellent mods, maps and add on levels continue to be made for both of the classics, JKA and JKO, works that equal and in some cases surpass the excellent originals. ..... the story and the universe of SW is vast and deep and there are may ways to approach it, i find as i move along the path of my own experience with it, much is revealed. the Force is strong and much is revealed within each of us along the journey :)

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There are some really good mappers and modders in the jko and jka community so I feel like the current jk games can last a lot longer than jk1\MOTS in playability.


I liked jk1 and MOTS for like a year, and then I was completely bored with it.


I've been playing jko\jka for a lot longer, and I'm not totally bored with it as of yet, but I would really like to see a new series.

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there are two very nice enhancements for JK1 ....JKE Jedi Knight Enhanced that uses improved models, NPC's and textures and sprites....and a great new texture pack that updates and enhances over 200 textures... makes it like a new game. :) and you can use them in MotS too if you adjust the file names. :) But I totally agree that JKO and JKA are both very wonderful games and have excelent mappers and modders and there is a reinassance of recent maps and levels just out...so things are indeed looking great.

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Maybe there isn't a good enough engine to justify a new jk game? Don't you think they've kooked at like the quake 4\doom3 engine, but didn't think ti merited a new game off it? Or maybe the crysis engine, but maybe that wouldn't fit.


Like as soon as quake 3 came out, they probably had jko in the works almost since maybe that was a bigger jump forward.

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there are two very nice enhancements for JK1 ....JKE Jedi Knight Enhanced that uses improved models, NPC's and textures and sprites....and a great new texture pack that updates and enhances over 200 textures... makes it like a new game. :) and you can use them in MotS too if you adjust the file names. :) But I totally agree that JKO and JKA are both very wonderful games and have excelent mappers and modders and there is a reinassance of recent maps and levels just out...so things are indeed looking great.


I think the fact that there's still such an active modding community demonstrates just how much of a market there would be for a new JK game. Lucasarts take note!

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that is an excellent summary RazOr, especially the Mod part. The community has done wonders with the two KotORs, and keeps doing amazing things with all the earlier JK's but a new game, which i totally support the idea of, would need both a killer engine that takes advantage of all the Next Gen stuff, (ie. Crysis and TR Underworld) and includes PC as well as the platforms. the MMO will be fun and I am looking forward to it but we need a good central focus SP game to advance the series with each generation IMHO.

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that is an excellent summary RazOr, especially the Mod part. The community has done wonders with the two KotORs


Oh, really! I've played KotOR 1 and 2 a lot and have never seen a lot mods being done for it. The only thing I know of is the restoration project, http://www.team-gizka.org/index.html, for KotOR 2. Do the mods consist of new maps or missions or merely new skins/weapons. Any links perhaps?

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For Mods that Restore Content to both KoTOR I and II, i recommend the ones that restore original content. There are a ton of others that make clothes, and add playable characters and such...but my own preference is for the original games and or restorations to them...as Team Gizka is doing....these are some of the best so far...


Complete List of Restoration Mods for KoTOR I



Dantooine Restoration KoTOR II

zby12 and DStoney




Un Restored Content for KoTOR II




Sleheyron Demo for KoTOR I

Sithspecter and team





Deadeye Duncan Restoration

Simple mod that spawns Deadeye Duncan on

Mannan to access some unused dlg and sound files.





Restores Sharina on Tatooine





Creates fully voiced mod of HK Droid in Tatooine

(not a restoration but fully equal to orignal content)




Iriaz Dantooine Modules Fix

Team JAWA - Master Zionosis

Fix for every outside module on Dantooine you will see Iriaz mentioned by Rickard Lassof in the


Murder side quest in the grove



Shuma the Hutt


Restores Shuma the Hutt to Dantooine





Restores Shuma the Hutt on Dantooine




Seamhainn and DarthJebus05

Restores FUll additional level of Black Vulkar Base on Tanis with NPC's and dialogue





Deadeye Duncan Restoration (with gradual exit)



garrum_and_tereelok_restoration (#59)

(Dan13_cort.zip dialog fix for this mod)

Sekan and Seamhainn

Restores Two Jedi Knights in Dantooine, also restores Shuma the Hutt, so there are no mod conflicts


(per Danyael27 1/08)

Main Mod file


Dialog Fix




No. 2 Alternate Ending


Restores the alternative romance ending that the developers cut





Restores the option for you to play Korriban with Bastilla.


K1 Lost Modules Pack

Darth Insidious

Modules for K1 from various worlds including Tatooine Temple, Czerka Depot possibly

Korriban, unknown level from kashyyyk, swoop racing area, and more.




Swfan28 (and Darth Shan for original "Bastila Romance Glitch Fix" and Allronix modified file from


"Allronix Dlg-Pack 2.0)

Bastila Romance Enhancement

Allows PC to Kiss Bastilla on main game path, not a restoration but a nice enhancement.




Darth Shan (Includes with permission Master Kavar - Bastila dialogue from "Bastila and Female PC


Untold Love Story" and Shem for "Helena Bastila's Mother Clothing Fix")

K1 Bastila Romance Glitch Fix



Taris Undercity and Gamorrean Stronghold Restoration

Dan Lotto





Deleted Echani Mercenary on Manaan Restoration




BIK Movies Restoration




Carth Appartment Dialog Restoration





Black VulKar Base Restoration

darthjebus05 and Seamhainn



Enhanced Shadowlands Restoration

darthjebus05 and Seamhainn



and there are some new playable planets....made by players....


KoTOR New Playable Planets (playermade)

Yavin Planet Mod KotOR I

Master Zionosis



Planet ORD Mandell KotOR I (playermade)



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This was a pretty decent thread in its time, but I think as of now we know that while "Force Unleashed" was highly anticipated, it's not really part of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series (apparently the only real multiplayer it had was one on one saber duels, with a side view, more like Bushido Blade or Soul Calibur + terrain), and was never ported to the PC.


So unless anybody has any new info on rumors... I'm going to unstick this and let it fade naturally into the archives...



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Not so amazing as it is sad. LA has been pretty neglectful of the SW PC gaming community for awhile now. :(


We've gotten pretty much jack other than the LEGO games lately... though I hear we're going to be getting this Clone Wars Republic Heroes game in September.

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