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Dantooine Tension

Fallen Guardian

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:eyepop Wow! That is a very nice reskin of taris. It took me to the last pic to figure it out. Looks awesome.




Ah, ditto to what Warlord said. Do a little recolor of the door and bam, Dantooine Apartment :) Keep it up Fallen!




I totally agree, it looks great! The doors will cinch it.


And glad to... help...? Haha.


lol. Yeah, that did seem a little weird in hindsight. And speaking of doors, I've been trying to get a custom .DWK file to work for awhile and it's never cooperated. Do any of you guys know how?


Impressive! really nice.




I want you to skin for me once I start up my mods again. :xp:


Thanks, I actually might be able to a little bit, just not until I'm done with this mod.


Sorry no update this post, I'll try having one tomorrow.

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Everytime I say I'll have an update tomorrow it usually doesn't happen. Well, I was intending to post a new update with screenshots today but it's late, I have two tests tomorrow and I'm too lazy. So anyway, as an update I've pretty much finished placing and making the .UTC's for one of the modules, and interestingly enough while playing through Kotor 1 again I did that little murder investigation with Bolook instead of just running off like I normally do. It turns out there a spaceport by the name of Garang spaceport with an Aratech shipping base in it. Since it doesn't go into any greater depth than that I believe I'll be using that as the spaceport in my mod. So, in closing, new spaceport name and screenshots will be posted tomorrow.

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Congrats on the movies! But I'm just wondering, why no Ebon Hawk? :xp:


Thanks, and you'll have to play the mod to find that out LDR.


Completely awesome! A litttle bit of a jump down when its leaving the hanger bay at 0:12 but those videos videos were great (most people just slice up the old ones)


Thanks. I did see that jump, I should be able to fix it quite easily.


Great job FG! Good sound, nice visuals.


Thanks, and thanks to SH for giving me a lot of the ship sound effects.


Was that all done in-game or what? I'm really impressed dude.


Yeah, it's those ships that take off and land in the Mannan docking bay area. I warped to my custom skinned module and recorded it from three different angles, edited them together, added the sound and music and I was done. And thanks for the compliment Dak.


Anyways, thanks all for your comments and I hope to have another update later tonight.

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Thanks. I did see that jump, I should be able to fix it quite easily.

One that I don't have to mention then. Love the music choice.


. . . and thanks to SH for giving me a lot of the ship sound effects.


You're welcome.


A thought - as long as you're redoing the second video - just cut right before the "jump" and maybe shoot the rest from this angle?



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You'll probably have to re-texture the outside of the hangar to match your new hangar look. I always seem to add more work to modders. (It's a gift of mine.)


:D But no, I didn't have to do anything like that.


Pretty smart. :thmbup1:




Here's the new version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXmUVmKkDVg


What do you guys think?



Now, after doing this I have two questions.


One: How come whenever I place cameras their orientation usually shifts and becomes way off?


Second: I am horrible at making custom doors, could anyone either go in depth on it with me or just make them for me?

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The videos look pretty awesome. Once again, great job FG!




For me, placeable cameras are always trial and error. It seems I always figure the orientation is rotating the opposite way it really is. I don't know.


New cut looks great.


Yeah, it seems to me whoever designed the orientation of cameras at Bioware was a little crazy.


D*YAMN! That was some sexy animation fallen! :D I thought dantooine tension would be a small addon to kotor but this is just epic man! LOVE IT!




Impressive! :vadar:


Most Impressive!




Now... you have done something I wouldn't know where to begin with :D


Thanks, now comes the nightmare of converting it into a BIK and putting it in-game.


Anyway, as I strive to have at the least one update a week here is a new update. It's your party members interacting with the scene. Now in this scene you'll be forced to bring a custom party member so you'll only be able to have one normal party member due to the story of the sidequest but anyway here's a few of the lines:




Now I still need lip files and I need to fine tune some of the sound edits, but otherwise what do you think?

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Not really an update with screenshots, (I'll try to have on tomorrow or today) Anyways, as I fixed my hexed module (I accidentally missed the mdx extension on one file) But something weird happened, this has also happened with one of my other modules.


Show spoiler
(hidden content - requires Javascript to show)


I don't know what's going wrong, I've made sure all the models are there, and as you can see I can actually run through it. Anyone know what's going on?

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