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Hey guys this will be my final WIP before I leave jka. I want to tank all of you for supporting me and it really has meant alot to me. I have decided to leave due to several reasons. One is the fact that Kman was right about me all along: my attitude stinks. Ive been a jerk to some people that make me mad. And its just not worth it anymore. Im leaving so that things can get bakc to normal the way they were before I came along. Im really sorry for all the trouble Ive caused.


My Final WIP is going to be the Jawa Killer machine. It is designed to kill jawas of course. Be expecting screenies soon.

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Originally posted by hatrus

[...]One is the fact that Kman was right about me all along: my attitude stinks. Ive been a jerk to some people that make me mad.[...]


Is that insight?


... impressive! But why would you want to leave if you finally got what we were disapproving with all the time?

You could just stop talking to those people in

"hatrus tongue" and everyone would be fine again.


I admit I've been poking you once or twice but if I was you I wouldn't give a goddamn about it. :eek:


But hey do as you wish I don't mind it was just never my intention to drive you out of here.

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What is there to say? Well yea you have made JA a better place and could still do a hell of alot more for this place. But those whose been giving him hell for the past few months finally got to him. Instead of forgeting them and not listening to them, he has decided to run from his problems and not face them head on. The past few times ive talked him out of it, but this time he has his mind made up. The worst thing about this is he is throwing away all the good relationships that he has made over the past few months. He has blocked all the people he's friends with here in the JA Community on MSN saving me for last to say his goodbye. To me Hatrus you are a coward running from his problems and not taking them head on. Im sorry to say this here, but you have left me no choice

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I talked a while with DarthZappa, and he suggested to me that I take a break from jka. So Ive decided to do that even tho I disagree with him. I decided that if I wanted to come back later I could, but if I didnt I wouldnt have to. I dunno if I'll return but chances are that I might. I just need to wait for things to get back to normal here and in may life as well.

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You don't owe anyone here anything, we should all just be thankful that you contributed what you did.


It can be very disappointing and even frustrating to put so much effort into something and then hear your creation get criticized, whether the criticism is justified or not.


Listen to the criticism if it is constructive, ignore it if it's worthless.

Every artist has had their critics:


Johann Sebastian Bach: "(His) compositions are deprived of beauty, of harmony, and of clarity of melody." German music critic, 1737.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: "Far too noisy, my dear Mozart. Far too many notes." Emperor Ferdinand of Austria after a performance of the "Marriage of Figaro". 1786


Ludwig van Beethoven: "An orgy of vulgar noise." German composer reviewing the first performance of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. 1808.


Frederic Chopin: "Had he submitted... (his) music to a teacher, the latter, it is to be hoped, would have torn it up and thrown it at his feet - and this is what we symbolically wish to do." German critic. 1833.



Elvis Presley: "You ain't goin' nowhere,son. You ought to go back to drivin' a truck." Jim Denny, manager of the Grand Ol' Opry when he fired Presley after one performance.


The Beatles: "We don't like their sound. Groups of guitars are on the way out." Decca Recording Company execs in turning down the group. The President of Capitol Records on the eve of the group's first U.S. tour remarked, "We don't think they'll do anything in this market."


Thanks for contributing what you did.


P.S. - any chance of re-enabling downloading of your files at pcgamemods.com? It's a shame that people can't enjoy the stuff that you already created.

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Its not easy for me to say this. But its the right thing to do. Ive made some serious mistakes. Picked some dirty fights. Acted an ass and pompus prick to people. Had the attitude that I was better then everyone. I havent ever succeeded in a game like I did here, adn I let it get to my head. I was selfish and cold to

people that only wanted to give me feedback for improvement. I took peoples criticism as a direct attack to my character when it wasnt. Ive blone things out of porportion and committed many wrongs. Bascially, I've been the exact opposite of what I want to be. I want to help people and I want to make this community

a more fun place to be. For along time Ive denied and pretended that I was doing fine. I ignored people Like Kman, even tho he is blunt, I attacked him and others. I dont want to be this type of person and I want to change. I want to be Kmans friend instead of his enemy. I want him to skin my models and make them

look great in game. And I want him to be a collegue instead of compitition. I want to apologize to Paracida, Pal, and Kman for being a jerk to you all. And I want to apologize to all of the others I have offended or treated wrongly. I used my talent to make mean vehicles insulting other people like Storm, Oobis, and the {TS}Clan. I let my hatred fuel my actions and Im very sorry for what I did. I will try to have the vehicles removed ASAP.


One of my best friends, DarthZappa, is now terribly pissed at me. I was thoughtless and cruel, went on his clan's server and acted a jerk cause some people made me mad. I said mean things and eventually got myself banned from my favorite place to play. I was mean to the other bdc members cause I was angery and I treated

them like ****. Im sorry. MY friendship with DarthZappa will never be the same because of my actions and decisions. I made the choice to disable my file cause I was angery. It honestly didnt occur to me that this decision would affect the progress of DarthZappa's map releases. Zappa if I had know this decision would have caused this I would have never have had the files disabled. Im trying my hardest to get them re-enabled ASAP. I decided to leave cause I was mortified and ashamed at myself. Right now my self esteme is at an all time low. I even blocked my contacts on MSN cause I thought it was best to be forgotton and to just simply disappear. Again it didnt occure to me that people like Zappa_0, EvilLittleJawa, or Buffy would be hurt by this. I just our friendships out the window as if they were a paper bag. Im sorry for this too.


All I ask from you is that you give me a 2nd chance. I want to improve and I will take any feedback I can on how to. I want to show you that I am serious and dedicated to this goal. I want to be the person that I thought I was being. Not the person that I really was. All I ask is that you give me another chance.

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