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Can't say I feel tempted to cary around bits of scrap metall in my body' date=' so I think I'll pass unless Ms right tells me otherwise:D[/quote']


least it aint one of those stretcher tunnel things.


i know someone with a 50mm one.

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I heard that the middle of the tongue has little to no feeling...any truth to that?:confused:


The piercer that I worked for and I had many conversations, but I don't think that rumor ever came up. I can say that my tongue piercing was mostly painless (a little residual swelling, etc).

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well if you ARE thinking of getting a piercing, don't fall into the 'piercing addiction' ;)

you get one and think its cool, so you get another, and another, and another....

before you know it your face IS a piercing.



Where was this advice when I was 20? :)
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Its weird how things have changed. Back when I was a teenager in the late 80s/early 90s it was damn near impossible to find someone to pierce anything but your ears. I was a fan of Skid Row at the time (still like their old stuff) and their bassist Rachel Bolan had a nose ring that was connected to his earring by a chain. (see pic)


I wanted to go for that look myself, but there was no one to go to back then to do it. Now it seems that every corner has a tattoo/piercing studio on it and Prince Alberts are the norm. :xp:

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I plan on doing an ear piercing and an eyebrow piercing...

But I don't want to look weird and have a hurting face, so I'll think of that....................................................................................................................

Why piercing??? I have a perfect face, no need to ruin it :xp:

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Quite the charmer they, eh Cygnus? :)




Absolutely, CHARISMA+15, CHARM+20. :shads2:


Dude, I'm old enough to be her grandpa, be real.

I pierced my ears back in the day, but I hardly wear anything anymore.


I'm thinking of getting a tat though. I just can think of any words or symbols that encapsulate me.

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