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XWA one year thread V: A Slightly Better, but Used Hope

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I guess I should report that Keyan was (maybe?) surprisingly normal and civilized.


(Except for perhaps that one moment where he tried to hack off one of my limbs with a steak knife... But that was perfectly justified and understandable.




My first face-to-face with another XWA'er was completely dramaless.


Hopefully this becomes something of a trend. Nitro has plans to come to Boston this summer... And Cracken has been talking about a Beantown excursion for years. And perhaps it's time to get off my butt and get a bowling lesson or 2 from the other Mass local...


Anyway: gonna hit the museums as soon as they open tomorrow, so time to try to catch a little shut-eye.

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I could travel on over to boston someday...


Vanilla Ice was awesome!!! but it was kindof a push-fest tons of people easily 5,000 people in there. plus girls gone wild was filming...saw some nice tits. :D


I tried getting drunk but failed. I make my own drinks much better (as in not watered down). pregaming next time. bottling it in a unmarked container, drinking it down in the parking garage then going in. lol cheaper to do that.


No clue what i'll do tomorrow. I might attempt to go to the gym. or at least get a couple sets of pushups and situps down. probably play some mass effect. :)


not looking forward to going back to work sunday...however i am 9-6 so that ain't that bad...least i dont gotta close by myself.


gonna drink a bottle of water and crash for the night. hopefully i wont get hungover in the morning.

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Living situation really isn't all that much better.


Gonna head to MCC tuesday to talk to them about financial aid and going back for a Paralegal Certification. It's a **** job that pays alot more than I make now. (Avg Starting is 35-39k/year! +overtime! O.O) It's about 15 months of pure hell working full time then school full time, but it's totally worth the results.


My dad laughed and told me I shoulda done that 3 years ago.

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Did all of Air and Space and most of American History and African Art yesterday.


Walking through museums can be pretty exhausting.


Natural History and at least one of the big art galleries today.


Maybe the Spy Museum if I have time.

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resurrected my computer...it wouldn't start!!! had to go in through the old video memory and download the video drivers and reseat the video card. hoping to get back into SWG with this...that's if it doesn't 1-30 fps me like before. if it does that...going to check into new video card. or have my friend take a look. grrr guess it didnt work. oh well! gonna download a ton of music.

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Got through about half of the Natural History bldg before I got totally overwhelmed, not only with the displays, but by the throngs of families blocking every cool exibit, so I left, and went through all the Asian art displays... Which were empty, and amazing.


I'll finish the Smithsonian tomorrow, which leaves Tues for a few of the other places around the city.


There's still so much I know I'll miss... But I feel like I got to see a lot.


Had dinner with a couple of former students in Alexandria tonight. Great seeing them. Very cool town.

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