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Great Moments In Gaming


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I thought it would be cool to have a thread where we can talk about our memories of the greatest moments we've had in gaming, and we can just keep adding to it as we remember them, or they come along in the games we are playing now.


I'll start the ball rolling with a few.


Tomb Raider


The first time you hear the thump thump thump and the T-Rex appears. I just remember my heart racing so fast because it was totally unexpected. I managed to take him down first go, and damn did it feel good.






The blast pit tentacle monster. So much effort to take it down, and that knocking sound it made was the stuff of nightmares.




Knights of the Old Republic


Finding out you are Revan. One of the greatest video game twists in history.

(If I've just spoilt the game for you, too freaking bad, you should have played it by now)




The end fight with Glados was pure genius. It was hard to concentrate on the actual fight because of the humour of it all, with the constant criticism being thrown at you. Love it.




Assassin's Creed 2


The end has one of the biggest "What the F***?" moments in gaming.


World of Warcraft


Completing my Dragonstalker Armor set after God knows how many runs of Blackwing Lair. Anyone who has played WoW will appreciate the effort it took, and how good completing it felt. I completed many many sets of armor playing WoW, but that one felt the best. I just remember wanting it so bad because of how good it looked.


My Hunter Jenkha in full Dragonstalker



Jedi Outcast


I remember one night in Hermes Place (duel server) Matrix Dojo Map, I was on fire and won 15 fights in row. Winning 3 or 4 in a row was good at the time, because the standard of the people who frequented Hermes was very high, so dominating like that felt completely amazing. I'll never forget that night.


Fable 2


When a certain companion gets shot. The shock, the horror!!


No One Lives Forever 2


The scene when you are riding piggy back on a Scotsman riding a tricycle, chasing after a midget on a unicycle. Funniest moment in gaming EVER.

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See these three classmates of mine finish Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original arcade, from 1989!) for the first time (I was all out of quarters). Man that game was awesome (still is).


Playing JK1 for the first time and totally getting creamed... then some time later (weeks? months?) beating my friend who introduced me to the game. Sadly I beat him so bad he now is afraid to play me in Jedi based games... (though he still beats me in other stuff since he's usually can afford the new systems/better hardware).


Siege in JA... too many times, too many awesome games. Just being on defense and dominating, not through cheap tactics alone (actual combat, not hitting the elevators over and over, that sort of thing), and pissing off the enemy team.


In any online game, probably getting one or two kills (finally) on the guy who is dominating everyone, just to see him pause for a second and acknowledge (even if he still easily beat everyone).

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NBA Jam 1993:


"He's On Fire!"






Jedi Knight Dark Forces II


"Strike her down, and realize your true destiny as a Dark Jedi - Your TRUE power!"



Link To Video




Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Just running around Hyrule field to your next mission, but really, you can insert any part of this game here.





Left 4 Dead


"Pills here!"







"This is where the cars live! Git chu one!"







"A man chooses. A slave obeys."







"Unbelievable. You, [subject name here], must be the pride of [subject hometown here]!"



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I've had so many crazy moments in Battlefield: Bad Company that I can't remember all of them anymore.


Situations where I've lasted for 5 or more minutes in all-out combat, making and assisting on dozens of kills. Times where I spend half a match sniping out of a window, killing dozens of guys... but one great moment I had the last time I was playing...


My team was getting our liquified asses handed to us through a straw on this one match where the bases rest on two sides of a river with a old bridge in the center. Well, the main point is that each team has a side, and we all fight over the bridge. Well, they held the bridge and we kept getting killed if we so much as poked our heads out to look. They had the entire place locked down; snipers, machine gunners, mortar strikes, grenades, everything.


So, after getting shot myself for the better part of 10 minutes, I decided to go to the edge and take the long swim across the river. Amazing, I don't get seen by the snipers who were just playing with us all this time. What I can basically describe is just seeing pretty much their entire team with their backs to me. So in about 40 seconds I stabbed and shot a better part of their entire camping team in just a final blaze of glory before the match ended. It was sweet revenge.


Oh, and in the old days during the Battlefield 2 demo, one image did stick in my mind: Jumping into a friendly jeep, escaping from an artillery strike and me, looking back, shooting at an attack helicopter bearing down on us. Was one hell of a moment.


OH! (x2) The one time where I made a last stand as a sniper and, with only my puny silenced pistol, killed 5 or 6 enemies as they tried to ambush my hiding spot. (Imagine the bar scene from Inglorious Basterds, yeah, it was that level of chaos... but I survived).

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NBA Jam 1993:


He's On Fire!"



Hell yes.


Jurassic Park: Trespasser has several moments ingrained into my memory. A couple of them are listening to John Hammond recount the first time they released a velociraptor in the wild, and seeing the broken down building similar to the one in the movie along with the music. Still an amazing game no matter what the critics say.




Getting all 4 survivors on the helicopter with a full team the first time in No Mercy in Left 4 Dead was an amazing feeling. My heart was racing.




Sounds kinda lame but swinging on the swing in the beach level of Super Mario Sunshine was very relaxing and was almost like taking a mini-vacation.




The brief glimpse out the window of the Citadel at the end of Half-Life 2 was breathtaking at the time.



Lots of moments from Shadow of the Colossus, but the best ones were probably fighting the underwater one, the flying one, and this one:




Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 are two of my favorite games, and the greatness is pretty much summed up by first two levels of DKC, where you leave DK's house, then it gets dark at the end of the first level, then in the second level it's raining and the sun comes up at the end. Also, Aquatic Ambience and Stickerbrush Symphony are both amazing in themselves.




In Super Metroid where you get to the part where everything's got the life sucked out of it by the giant metroid. For some reason that was just cool.



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That is all.


I have the achievement for that - 1ICLiGJhbC9NFQUXXFJRFjAxL2FjaC8wLzkAAAAA5+fn+2xd9Q==.jpg Shake It Baby. I only just noticed it says "Weapon raised" LMFAO


In Super Metroid where you get to the part where everything's got the life sucked out of it by the giant metroid. For some reason that was just cool.


You just reminded me of one my all time favourite gaming moments in Metroid Zero Mission for the GBA - the end bit with Samus just in her Zero Suit trying to escape with only her pistol. ;)



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@ IG-64: Also the Metroid hatchling sacrificing itself for Samus and restoring her energy... epic.


@ leXX: My favourite moment out of Zero Mission was when Samus goes against the Chozo's test to earn her new Varia/Gravity suit. That's the moment she upgrades from her old training suit and takes on the full Chozo battle armour as a true Chozo warrior... and then the little etch in the very bottom left corner... so sweet.

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Tron 2.0


Finding the Tron Legacy Code, mainly due to the fact that the entire story and build-up climaxed (:p) at this point, and quite beautifully, might I add. The visual presentation and the music also enhanced it, especially since the entire level of navigating to the core was rather scarce of enemies, so it relied more on platforming and environment manipulation to reach the end, which I felt was more satisfying than pitting you against hordes of enemies.





The Legend of Zelda


I think this goes without saying, but the finding of the Master Sword is always emits a wondrous sensation, in every game, young and old.



Riven: The Sequel to Myst


Essentially, every cutscene Riven is fantastic, often due to the fact that it's one of the few games that has outstanding FMV acting, but also because of its taut skill in enveloping you into the game's world. Although it's one of the many "bad" endings in Riven, this one has most significance in creating a foreboding, exotic doom.




Again, more doom.



The good ending is also... good. :p






If you've played then you already know what I'm going to say. If you haven't (blasphemy), then it's quite prudent to understand that the entire game reached a brilliant apex here, at this point. 'Nuff said.





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If you've played then you already know what I'm going to say. If you haven't (blasphemy), then it's quite prudent to understand that the entire game reached a brilliant apex here, at this point. 'Nuff said.


Unfortunately that's right before the game completely craps on itself because Lucasarts were such greedy pricks they forced Obsidian to release it for the holidays before it was done.


85-90% of that game was absolutely fantastic. However, the non-ending just pissed me off, and made me wish I had never played the game.


EDIT: As for my best moments in gaming...hmm...


In no particular order:


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This really shouldn't need any explanation. I beat this game for the first time at age 10, and there was no other game that came close to the amazingness of it. Turning into adult link and going outside to the hyrule castle courtyard and finding the joyful area turned into a (for me at the time) extremely scary area filled with zombies, Fighting the mirror image of yourself in the water temple, getting the Bigoron Sword, the final fight with Ganon, everything was just so amazing. Ironically enough, my little brother decided he wanted to play it at age 8, and started a playthrough of it for himself. He made it all the way to Jabbu Jabbu's belly without my help before getting stuck. Ever since, I've been playing it with him when I get a chance, and we just beat the forest temple :)


Knights of the Old Republic

As leXX said above, finding out you were Revan in KotOR. I specifically remember playing through it for the first time, my family had gotten some Taco Bell for lunch, and I was eating while playing. When it got to that specific scene, when it said "You are Revan" I stopped mid chew jaw completely dropped for a good 10 seconds.


Mass Effect

By this point my standards were set high for Bioware games (KotOR and Jade Empire), and loved the various choices you made throughout each. However, nothing compares to the end of one of the last planets you go to...


When it makes you choose between saving Kaiden or saving Ash. Once again, my jaw dropped and stayed that way in sheer shock for a solid 30 seconds. I couldn't believe that they made you do that.



Guitar Hero/Rock Band

Beating any songs I thought I'd never beat. On the GH side of things, Through The Fire And Flames, Devil Went Down To Georgia, Satch Boogie, and Jordan, and on the RB drum side of things, The Perfect Drug, Blackened, and This Calling. The elation I felt after beating these songs after constantly failing them time and time again is fantastic.


Pokemon Blue

Way back when I was 10 year's old in 5th grade, shortly after obtaining a Mew at a Nintendo event held at a mall in town, managed to obtain all 151 pokemon on my Pokemon Blue cartridge. This was the proudest moment of my young life, and I was the envy of all my friends :p


That's all I can think of for now.

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There was a truly great moment when I was finishing off all the riddles in Batman the other day. Towards the end when you are close to finding all of them, you hear The Riddler say "This can't be happening, you're using the Internet aren't you?", and of course I was, so it made me lol pretty hard. :D

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Finding the Easter Egg in the Atari 2600 version of Adventure.


The part in Grim Fandango where Manny has to get up in the bar and recite his own beatnik poetry. It's so awkward and hilarious! And it really does nothing to actually forward the game, so you have to wonder why it's in there... but it adds atmosphere and color to the game, and it's one of those moments I always remember.


Playing the Light Cycle level for the first time in Tron 2.0. That was magic... and I had been waiting a lifetime to do that in a game that actually pays it justice.


Bringing down a SSD in any of the X-Wing games. Nearly impossible.


The ending of Freespace 2. I'm still waiting for 3. :(


Playing a perfectly executed game of Dragon's Lair on a single quarter.

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Playing a perfectly executed game of Dragon's Lair on a single quarter.


Seriously, you did that? I could never finish it. I'd get near the end and get so damn nervous my hands would shake and I'd muck up. :/

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Well... I broke down and got a strategy guide. (But the other patrons in the arcade didn't know that. :D )


I had gotten right up to the end on my own, however. (Probably feeding enough quarters into it to buy my own machine if I had wanted in the process, however! :rolleyes: )


I have it on CD-ROM now. I've replayed it to the end again... but the thrill isn't exactly the same.

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Well... I broke down and got a strategy guide. (But the other patrons in the arcade didn't know that. :D )


I had gotten right up to the end on my own, however. (Probably feeding enough quarters into it to buy my own machine if I had wanted in the process, however! :rolleyes: )


I have it on CD-ROM now. I've replayed it to the end again... but the thrill isn't exactly the same.


Yeah, I was thinking about buying the blu ray when it was announced, but it frustrated me so much when I was younger, I don't think I'll be puttin myself through that again lol.



Mass Effect

By this point my standards were set high for Bioware games (KotOR and Jade Empire), and loved the various choices you made throughout each. However, nothing compares to the end of one of the last planets you go to...


When it makes you choose between saving Kaiden or saving Ash. Once again, my jaw dropped and stayed that way in sheer shock for a solid 30 seconds. I couldn't believe that they made you do that.


30 seconds? It took me a good 10 minutes to make that decision the first time. I had to go for a fag and everything lol.


Other great moments in Mass Effect...



If you do the renegade path you can punch that annoying guy who rambles on near the beginning on Eden Prime. So satisfying. :D

Having to decide if you should commit genocide or not buy killing the bug queen.

The bit near the end when the whole story is explained to you, and you finally realise what is going on.

The whole bit down the side of the elevator was amazing.

The end when Shepard appears out of the rubble. I felt like jumping up and cheering, it was awesome.


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Baldur's Gate I, acquiring Minsc and letting the hilarity ensue. Made even the most epic length game pass by far too quickly.


Baldur's gate II, after leaving BGI for BGII, I can't say how giddy school-girl excited I got when the first prisoner I released was none other than the hamster packing brute. :D


Show spoiler
(hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
Stand and deliver, that my hamster might have a better look at you.


Let us pass strangers, for we have not much time to waste. What? Yes, I'll ask them. Boo and I go to rescue my charge Dynaheir. You may aid in our victory, if you wish. There is glory enough for all!


My hamster does not like your tone. Away with ye.


You would leave an innocent to suffer with nary a twitch of your sword arm? RrraaaAAGHGHHH!!!


Boo is my faithful animal companion, and more than he seems.


Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, The only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm. My friend and companion ever since my h-h-head wound, he will lead us to victory! Onward to the Gnoll Stronghold to the west! Tarry not! We must go soon!


I am truly saddened that you wish Minsc and Boo to leave. If you have any need of a stout blade, and an even stouter man to swing it, do not hesitate to call on me.


Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!


Who wants some?


You point, I punch.


Less talk, more fight!


Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, watch it! I'm huge.


When the going gets tough, someone hold my rodent!


There be safety in numbers and I am two or three at least.


Make way evil! I'm armed to the teeth and packing a hamster!


Full plate, and packing steel.


Butt-kickin' for goodness!


Squeaky wheel gets the kick!


Magic is impressive, but now Minsc leads! Swords for everyone!


Yes Boo, I agree. This group could do with a swift kick in the morals.


If I continue with this I'll never look Boo in the eyes again. Choose carefully, I'll not let this come to pass.


Boo likes the forest.


I need aid soon, lest my hamster become an orphan.


No finer a place to die than the battlefield!


Irenicus is the most vile of villains if he dared destroy a whole city! I can't believe that, and I have believe some amazing things, let me tell you!


I trust those who prey on children no farther than they can be thrown, even if I manage to throw them pretty far!


My hamster's getting antsy. If we be adventurers, let us adventure!


A den of stinking evil. Cover your nose Boo! We will leave no crevice untouched!


Ahh... We are all heroes; you and Boo and I. Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!


Cities always teem with evil and decay. Let's give it a good shake and see what falls out!


These bars will not hold my wrath. Minsc will be free! Butts shall be liberally kicked in good measure.


What...yes but...but..alright. Boo tells me that I'm raving again. I did not notice a difference, but I shall heed his word, nonetheless.


Boo is small and evasive, and there is ever so much of Minsc to search.


I have lost myself in your words but Boo thinks you are just ducky. Onward!


Will you help me? We must join together once more, and our fury will be such that bards will run there quills dry! Yes, ink will be scarce where e'er we go.


I grows tired of yelling battle cries when fighting this mage! Boo will finish your eyeballs once and for all so he does not rise again! EVIL, MEET MY SWORD! SWORD, MEET EVIL!!!!


Boo must have his exercise, lest he bite us all in hard to reach places.


This behaviour must not continue. Feel the burning stare of my hamster and change your ways.


This is silly! Buttons are not how one escapes dungeons! I would smash the button and rain beatings liberally down on the wizard for playing such a trick!


I would hate being forgotten in a bottle. It might depend somewhat on the type of bottle, but overall I expect the effect would be similar.


Camaraderie, adventure, and steel on steel. The stuff of legends! Right Boo?


Ahhh, I prefer the bright day; evil must be able to see the justice I dispense!


Then say it louder! We must inspire fear in evil! Quiet tales of hamsters are foolish, but a man and his hamster that tear evil limb from limb? That's scary!


All will fall before the might of Minsc and Boo! Evil all about! All will FALLL!!!


Boo points, I punch. Is very simple relationship, but it is effective.


Boo says fight hard, so I fight hard.


*Squeak* Boo says that he was just doing his job.


Every hamster has his day!

Flowers are beautiful, aren't they Boo? I wish there were more to see.


I do not like the tone of your voice, dark elf. The face I have is the face the ladies love. Boo loves Minsc's face to; don't you Boo? Don't you -- Yes.


No. I do not act. I fight, and fight for real!


All good peoples hang their head in shame! We are betrayed! The sailor man brings the vampires back amongst us... there shall be a mighty reckoning for this!!


Pirate lord? Such a name does not conjure images of righteous behavior. Stand still a moment and let Boo have a look at you.


Boo will soon have you figured out.You certainly seem friendlier than I would expect a Pirate Lord to be. And where is your peg?


A peg. A proper pirate has a peg, whether a leg, or arm, or... uh... some other expendable extremity. And a parrot.


Certainly! As I have my Boo, so too you must have a parrot. Boo likes parrots. They could wrassel.


That's a much shorter interjection than Boo has become used to, Jan. Are you ill?


We must rest and get healthy. It would not do for us to be caught unsuspecting with Minsc in this kind of shape


Yes! Revenge! Revenge for precious Dynaheir! Tremble, wizard, for the mighty Boo will have your eyes!! RAAAARRRRGHH!!


No! No collar! I will not be collared by the smelly fishmen! My warrior spirit will not bear such a thing!


Boo, too, has small teeth compared to fish-men. But they hurt just the same when they latch onto the eyes, yes sir!


My skin may not have scales, but it has seen many suns come and go. Boo thinks you could use some sun too, then you might not smell so much like wet laundry.


Boo knows! Do not stow thrones in grass houses!


I do not cause trouble! I merely seek it out and put the bootheels of justice to it! Ask Boo!


And then Minsc will disrupt him with his bootheel! Yes, speak more of this evil-smashing partnership!


Boo does not favour the odds, but I have no doubt that we will succeed!


I don't understand. The witch has her heart back... why is she not nicer to us? What? Oh... yes, I see. Uh-huh. Thank you, Boo. Boo is so smart!


Minsc owes much to the killer of Dynaheir! I stand with you! Nowhere shall I go until the heel of justice has been firmly imprinted once and for all into the wizard's evil backside! Nowhere!


For Dynaheir and all fallen comrades, for what is good and right, for all these things shall Minsc and Boo fall upon you today!! And we shall taste victory, evil man!!


Oh, such a glorious death in battle for Minsc and Boo! We were well on our way to the great fields and halls of Rashemen, but we felt you needing us, so we came!


Eh? He is like bad penny, this one. An armored deep-voice penny of most sinister evil!!


Poor Mateo! He is alone in this world, just as Minsc was before Boo found him. Yes, Boo - you are right! As heroes we must befriend the friendless. We must help the helpless. We must deaccuse the accused. Er... well, you get the idea.


Boo does not trust this Kiser, . See how his nose twitches? Something smells about this, and it is not stinky clouds from Boo's furry backside!


This is because Rasheman is a very far ways away. Once Boo kept track for me the number of steps I have taken since beginning my dajemma, but Boo has since forgotten.


Boo claims that the number is very large. Larger, maybe, then the number of butts that Minsc has deservedly kicked along the way. I find this hard to believe, even though Boo is usually very reliable in these matters.


It is a wonderful place with many fields. It could only be better, maybe, if every ranger of the Berseker Lodge had his very own hamster! Just think of the implications!


Yes, Dynaheir was a good Rashemani witch. But I am not so certain that the witches have need of their own hamsters. Dynaheir never approved of Boo... she used to glare at Boo so it frightened him sometimes.


Look, Boo - everyone knows now! See how his fame spreads like a scented cloud from your furry back-side when you have had one too many crackers!


What? Well, an admirable decision but Boo is not for sale.


OH! Well then, by all means! And yes, very little requirements. Food, shelter, and perhaps the little wheel. I have heard nothing but good things about the little wheel.


Of course. Boo is special among his kind, and quite resilient. Have I mentioned he is a miniature giant space hamster? I'm sure I have.


Aerie! Boo has been mulling over a question for you. Never have I seen a hamster concentrate so! He has been so very quiet I thought perhaps I rolled over him last night, which cause me great concern


But Boo's question is of such a personal nature... well, the thought of it makes me blush right down to my buttocks!


You are very insightful! Such bottling could lead to all sorts of un-hamster like explosions! Well, Boo wonders why you do not perform all your duties, since you are our witch?


Well... a Rashemani witch accompanies a ranger on his dajemma and teaches him the lore of herbs, among other things. Well... Minsc and Boo have discovered a need for some of this lore, maybe.


After frolicking in a bush that we now consider to be of suspicious nature, both Boo and I have contracted the Calim****e Itch in rather... private places. A salve would be most joyously anticipated!


Many thanks, Aerie! Soon, maybe, Boo can return his little-mind to thoughts of butt-kicking instead of butt-itching, and I for one shall be very relieved!


No! Say it is not so! We will no longer fight evil together? Boo will miss you, . Forever shall we hang our heads in sadness in remembrance of our great butt-kicking friend.


Boo and I will say we knew the hero . And people will of course not believe us. And, maybe, they will look at us more strangely than they do now. Or Maybe not.

KotOR I, and of course the KotOR Revan revelation. Knocked my socks off. Still haven't found them to this day ;)

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