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Games you want to be created that have yet to be made.

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Deus Ex 3. They had promised one long ago, but since Ion Storm broke up, I don't think it'll be made. So it's just a wish.


A Jedi Knight 4 will be good, too. Considering the advances made with engines such as the Unreal 3, Doom 3 and Source, it's a good time for a next-gen SW game.


Like Commander said, a LOTR RPG will be great, if done well. SW RPGs would be welcome, but only if done carefully. A mix-up like KotOR II can be fatal.

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I could go for days, so I'll just give my 3 cents on something similar.


I want insane servers that can support 100,000 players simultaneously in realscale worlds. And a brand new internet and PC manufacturing proccess to support this.

Who really cares about fighting some enchanted wherewolf with one other friend when you could be the little cannon fodder guy in Middle Earth: TOTAL WAR (See how I tied two cool things together, eh?;))

Only something like that could support a TRUE LotR game or any other subject of that scale.

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I for one, would like to see an RTS and an FPS set in the Guild Wars universe, because that franchise has potential.
well, if you want an FPS in a similar universe, check out Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. reviews are starting to come in now, and so far they're pretty darn good.
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Dark Forces 3. Dark Forces 2 was the best game i ever played. There was something about it that was so unique, the fact that it was the first Star Wars game i ever playeed and i loved it to bits. I played it for hours. I once had to go to the doctors because i got radiation poisoning from sitting infront of the monitor too long playing that game. So hopefully they will make Dark forces 3 but but abit of detail in it compared to Jedi Knight 2, Jedi Knight 2 was a great hack and slash game but that was it. The storyline sucked big time. Plus there was too much focus on the lightsaber, Kyle isnt your average good jedi he's a mixture of jedi and scoundrel and they didn't bring out the scoundrel side too well.

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Man that would be ****ing sweet! Hell, I'd be down for a monthly fee on something like that.

quoted for emphasis. :D


it would definately be great if some things were done in the form of the old MMOFPS 'Planetside'. but given the popularity of the WWII timeframe, i have a feeling that it would end up working out better than 'Planetside'.

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Based in part on the premise of an old classic favorite of mine from back in the day that I used to play on my old Commodore64. It was called ELITE.


Sorry, this isn't StarWars, however, the MC in this third person RPG starts out somewhat similar to what I would call a Han Solo character.


In a galaxy of countless planets, (OK, not countless, but many, many more than KotOR) you start out on a civilized, peaceful planet and you either have won or have just purchased a Cobra MKIV freighter/fighter. It's a basic model with minimal shielding and armaments.


At this time you haven't any companions yet, and if you so choose, you don't have to adopt any. Opportunities to take on companions come in time.

For now, it's just you, your ship, a few credits and all the ambition you can muster. In this particular galaxy you are about to explore, planets are in abundance, however, no two are alike. Planet governments are broken down into catagories that affect your involvement with them.



These worlds are usually highly populous and are technologically advanced. Taxation is higher, but the safety factor is also greater. If you are within a planet's 'Safe Space', then squadrons of Viper class attack fighters will swarm to your aid if you are attacked. Technological goods are priced lower, however, agricultural goods, H2O, medicines, etc. are at a premium.



These worlds will have a broader spectrum of species in their population, but are still somewhat safe. More alien goods are found here and commerce can be profitable depending on the needs and the resources of the population. Interesting relationships can develop for the experienced trader who can get close to members of the royal families. Profits can be made or enemies revealed.



These governments have looser control of planetary operations. All walks of life inhabit these worlds. Be wary, depending on the continent you visit, the rules change and trouble or profit is around almost every corner. Pirates and bounty hunters alike can be found here. Most dictators are greedy and will hire anyone with skills if they think it will make them a profit. Double dealings are common.

Freshly started traders beware or be prey.



There is hardly any planetary government at all, and if there is, it is more than likely corrupt. For the elite hunter or trader, profit margins are maximum.

So is the competition and danger. Bounty hunters, pirates, insane aliens, and bloodthirsty wannabees all survive in a mix of treachery, greed, combat, and double crosses. No place for the inexperienced or faint hearted.


The game is two fold.

Third person view when planetside or roaming around the ship. Depending on the planet, weapons, armor, clothing, and accessories are optional and can be sold or purchased.


There are three types of weapons:

Melee(blades, maces, and swords)


Explosives(grenades, mines, wristrockets, etc.)


Then there is first person view when piloting ships.

No one is legally allowed to land on the planets themselves. After being granted permission, you are required to dock your ship at one of the many Coriolis Stations orbiting the planets.


Once docked and linked, goods and services being offered are available for purchase and yours, depending on the local laws, can be sold. For personal ventures on planet, shuttles are provided for you and your party.


Permission to pilot your own craft to the planet surface is sometimes permitted depending on who's authorization you've acquired.

These rules change with the political climate of the planet.



Survive long enough to become wealthy enough to achieve your goals.


Whether it's venturing in capitolistic enterprises to control credits on a planetary scale, or,


...achieving leadership status of a bounty hunting guild or mercenary faction.




...vigilante bounty hunter killer, paid by governments or merchants.




...just hiring out as a pilot and see where the space lanes take you.


There is no penalty or bonus for your character's alignment.

How you choose to operate is entirely your business.

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