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Yo! How many of the old homies we still got here!



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  1. 1. Yoda?!.?

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Just look at this swamp. Tsk and tsk again. It's like all of you old timers showed up and none of the regular regulars have the courage to post with their regular antics. I don't think I've ever seen the swamp so desolate. And just tell me what I'm supposed to do if these guys aren't getting into hilarity inciting bouts of inappropriateness? I....i feel lost. :confused:


Also, welcome back, senior citizens. :cheers:



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*crawls out of the woodwork*




RED! Squeeeeeeeeee! ^^




I also see a couple of names here that I recognize from back in the day, such as Gonk and Taos. Hope you're both doing well. I too remember the Matrix avatar revolution Taos (and leXX), and I also remember the subsequent sunglasses revolution (which leXX of course had nothing to do with either...).



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