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Yo! How many of the old homies we still got here!



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  1. 1. Yoda?!.?

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Would I be considered old if I remember that one dude who had the pelvic-thrusting Stormtrooper as his avatar? That dude was hilarious. His name started with "J" if I recall correctly.


And yeah, I've been in and out since I used to frequent this place (5-6 years ago...weird).


But, for a while I went by Majin Revan, after I changed my name once...then, I changed my name again...


- PR-0927

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Ah, yes, Jed. I remember now. It all comes back!


leXX, I was around on the Swamp daily, multiple times a day when JA had just come out and was a big deal. I modded the crap out of that game, for at least a year, maybe two, I can't remember. Then, I moved to SWBF and SWBF II (map-making), but kinda' stopped visiting the Swamp regularly. This is the most I've visited it since the JA days (5-6 years ago), as I have been out of modding for a while now, and busy with college.


- PR-0927

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