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To TriggerGod/Watcher/BiosHazard/etc. etc.....

Lord of Hunger

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Thanks everyone! I got some pretty cool gifts.

I got some...



Metroid Prime Trilogies! Can't wait to play 3 of my favorite games with



A cool pen pad. Pretty damn cool considering I can just hover above the pad, and have it work. o_Q



Wii Sports Resort! (along with a second Wii Motion Plus, for our second controller)



Paul Blart, because my parents think I'll like it.


I still have to visit my grandparents/other relatives, so I'll post back with some more pics.

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Hey, Happy B-day!


That digitale pen and palette is ace, my cousin bought a model recently, looks to be the same kind. Its very good!


I don't have a link, but you can find some awesome You Tube clips of an artist, who starts to draw a dragon or T-Rex with that thing. It really insane!


It was to debunk the idea that Wacom is sooo much better :p



I do have a big ass Wacom :xp:

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