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Oh man dawg, ball's in my court now.

Then you stab the ball with a switch blade and death stare at Wally, right?


ur doin it rong

Myeh, he's just looking for happiness in consoles. Maybe he realized he didn't play his 360 anymore when he discovered it was left on for a week straight. [/random reference probably only Anthony and I would get]


Ha-ha... oh, Gamecubes...

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Ugh. I remember when those were new. Still have one an original from '89. Still works. Sound system was more powerful than all its incarnations up to GBC.


I feel old, now.

Not if you hook your pocket up to the biggest speakers in your house, I think I won.

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im giving my 2 week notice with target


After giving your two seconds notice before punching a co-worker in the face, right?



Where you planning on going to now?






Oh, and some stuff... it's my sister's birthday today. So my bro and I got her these:



She likes these games a lot. Apparently dominated a lot of Europe in Rome Total War... but damn... it's two freakin' DL-DVDs!

I'll be playing this too, so I post it here! :V



She broke her Rock Band drum pedal... and before figuring out what to do we tossed it.

To get a replacement we need to send in the busted one, which was a terrible oversight.

So we sprung for a nicer metal one.


With my bro learning to play some low level songs on expert, we can play a three man band sometime! : D





Arrrggg... Empire Total War installs through Steam... which is a cool thing and a pain in the ass at the same time. I had plans to install it on two computers (one that would be available to my sister more often, and to my own computer), and well that's kind of screwed. And as a double ass-kicker, Steam is fixed on my C:\ drive, which only has 20 gigs left, and this game is 15 gigs alone. I otherwise would have installed it onto my J:\ drive, which has over 380 gigs of free space... Blarg!


Edit 2:






All right...

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You have a sister that would accept empire total war as a birthday gift?




Yup, and she's 16 now (happy birf day).


She finished GTA San Andreas when she was still 13...


And can manipulate people like crazy in Sims 2. :V

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