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LucasCast Episode 10

Rogue Nine

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In our tenth episode, we announce our hiatus for the summer! Fear not, we will be returning in the fall just in time to talk about the hot new batch of games being released later in the year. In this cast, we talk about what we've been playing, touch a bit more on Starcraft 2, talk about our first LucasArts game and discuss LucasArts games on Steam. We also answer your silly questions and talk about one of my great passions, food. :D


Release date: 20 July 2009


Download page: http://www.lucascast.com/episode-10/



  • What games we are playing
  • Our first LucasArts games
  • LucasArts games on Steam
  • No LAN Support in Starcraft 2!
  • Silly answers to silly questions

Extra information and resources:


This section contains spoilers. Please listen to the podcast episode before you view the hidden area.


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Games we're playing



Our first LucasArts games



No LAN Support for Starcraft 2!


Silly questions!







  • Which celebrities would YOU eat? :D




Please leave us comments! Let us know what you think of the episode, and if you have any questions you want answered on the show, use our contact form or email us at questions@lucascast.com.


We hope you enjoy the show! See you in the fall!

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Heh....the PG-13 barrier has been crossed, in the most hilarious of ways, though:D You guys were cracking some pretty terrible puns!:lol: The idea of the silly answers addition was excellent, hope you guys do more of it!!:D


Well, excellent podcast, guys! I look forward to when you get Episode 11 to us in the fall!!

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This was a very hilarious episode of AsianHaters Lucas Cast indeed.


that pg-13 rating was resurrected from being blown up in one of the early episodes, and then put in a mincer.



Bubble Tea is the greatest drink on earth. better than anything you americans ever thought up. :fist:


@Food: the wierdest things ive eaten are chicken hearts, giblets, liver, and fish eggs off the top of my head. they would all be gross by themselves, but i have only eaten them covered in delicious mixes of spices with names you couldnt even pronounce. (grandmother's cooking ftw!)

actually, i probably dont know what they really taste like...


tried any of those, niner?


@Balut: :explode:

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Ladies and Gentleman,


Zippy The Monkey was real as can be:




I still own Zippy to this day. Zippy was so loved that the stuffing started to come out of him, so my parents did an "operation" to fix Zippy by adding more stuffing and then stitching him back up. They also re-made his clothes out of hand made fabrics purchased from a store. So the Zippy I got looks a bit more "modern" than this one. I will go find him and take a snap shot. Right now I think he resides in the basement at my Parent's house.

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Love the Bozo the Clown towel, too--I used to watch that show when I was a kid. :D


Sadly, my purple-and-white snake and Marie have been lost over the years in the multiple moves I've had for school and work. I do, however, still have the replica of Luke's ESB khaki jacket and 2 ROTJ posters. Gotta have priorities, you know. :yoda:

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@Balut: :explode:


yum yum...


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not my fault if you reveal the spoiler


Please..no....I'm Pacific Islander and even I refrain from eating it...


But don't get me wrong, Balut tastes good once you get past what it looks like and put it in your mouth....which is...difficult:D

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"just because its a desert island doesnt mean you cant have a few delicacies", right?


personally id rather be making the baby than eating it.




Why not do both?



And then hollow the mother out and live inside her for warmth, like Luke and the Tauntaun on Hoth!

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