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Your First Gaming System and Your Favorite Game You Played On It

Havoc Stryphe

What was the first gaming system you played regularly  

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  1. 1. What was the first gaming system you played regularly

    • Atari
    • Commadore 64
    • ColecoVision
    • Intellivision
    • Nintendo/Famicon
    • Sega Master System
    • PC
    • Super Nintendo/Super Famicon
    • Sega Genesis/Sega Mega Drive
    • Nintendo 64
    • Sony Playstation
    • Sega Saturn
    • Microsoft X-Box
    • Sony Playstation 2
    • Other

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Windows 3.1. The first family computer... Other than some random kid's games and other education things, my first real game was Dark Forces, baby. I mean, first real game being an FPS? Pretty hard core, huh? My favorite level was Super Star Destroyer level, the one before the Arc Hammer, with the level ending in that shuttle pod thingy.


Stuff was awesome. We also had an NES, but only had the Mario/Duck Hunt cartridge (I know). But our next door neighbor did have a collection of games. And it randomly disappeared at some point.


Parents wouldn't let us get a console. So we never got an N64, even when they were $100 in like 2000. In 2002 we got an Xbox with Halo. Thee player Slayer matches on a 13" TV? Awesome.


PC: 1995 to present day.

NES: 1995ish to 1997ish.

Xbox: 2002 to present day.

360: June 2006 to present.

PS2: August 2006 to September 2009 (my bro has it now).

GC: December? 2006 to present day.

DSLite: Feburary 2007 to present day.

PSP: June 2007 to present day (have two, actually).

Wii: May 2008 to present day.


Yeah, no N64 or PS1.

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I still have a Red Baron CD on my shelf. Huh...


First system: Atari 2600.

Fave game:Adventure, followed closely by Asteroids.


2nd game system: Colecovision. (I liked it better than Atari.)


Then: Pentium 1 Win 95 PC.


After that: Gamecube, and XBoX 360.

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