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Full Throttle 2 WIP cutscenes


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Haha, great find but I already hate it. The way that the end of FT dealt with Ben and Mo's relationship was perfect - yeah, there's a world where those two might have worked together but they missed their chance. Retreading that and turning it into a potential romance cheapens what the end of that game does. FT showed me at 13  that it's fine, actually if the hero doesn't 'get the girl', that sometimes it's actually more interesting if he doesn't.

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First of all, what a great find!


But these cutscenes actually underline the fact that I'm so glad they cancelled this. I don't like the designs, I hate the direction they were going with this, (I agree 100% with @KestrelPi on the Ben and Moe dynamic), and Ben's voice is truly grating. While he sounds more like Roy Conrad here than in the announcement trailer, the delivery is way too flat, there's no emotion in it. Roy Conrad was able to sound tough, cool and still emote in the little space that left him.

Some forms of media are better left without a sequel.


Btw, does anyone else think Ben kinda looks like Popeye here?

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4 hours ago, Toymafia88 said:

Man... i really hope we can get some leaks on Sam & Max Freelance Police.


Especially considering how far along in development it was.

Coming right up! Although those screens were posted three years ago, so I would assume they are known...?












This is the source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OyanLg There's also some stuff from RTX Red Rock, a couple of Star Wars games and Infernal Machine.


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Yeah, those come from the online portfolio of Karen Purdy, an artist who I believe built environments for the game as well as Telltale's first season. We made some educated guesses about what their in-game context was in the FP article.

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