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Post 'em if you got 'em. (Picture thread = 56k Warning)

El Sitherino

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Come now Sith. Baking in your car is a bad habit.


Oh yes, if you don't understand that comment, you don't need to. I'm sure Sith knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Hehe. Now that I look closer he does look kinda fired up....

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Since I'm a photo whore...


Zed pix for the win!


I love bathroom pics!




And, one of me at APPLEBEES last night with some friends...



This how long my hair is combed down....



One of me and my friends when we were making a video



One of me yesterday after I found out my mom found out I was at a girls house when I wasnt supposed to be... so we vented our anger in KFC like cool people.

*zOMG noes* ~ET

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those are some really green eyes:|. are they real?:| or contacts?



The first one is normal, the second is just some photoshop filters, but they changed the colors of the overall picture, so probably changed the eyes? The baby is just a scan, and the fourth one is normal.


Now I'm trying desperately to grow long hair before school starts in august.

And by the way, I do mean long, not a beatles mop that most seem to think as long nowadays


I'm planning on growing my hair out too this summer, to about the length it was in the in my todler picture, I'm interested to see if it's going to curl again :D

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