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Badge recommendations / nominations - Read the first post!

Jae Onasi

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Welcome to the thread for badge recommendations! If you would like to recommend someone for a badge, please do the following.


  1. Check out the Badge page and the list below to make sure you're recommending the right badge.
  2. Make sure you spell the person's name correctly when you recommend them--we can't award badges to non-existent people. :)
  3. Check the badge tab on the profile page of the member to make sure they don't already have the badge you want to recommend.
    (Members can choose which of their badges to display on posts so simply viewing one of their posts is not a good indication in all cases.)
  4. Please include the name of the badge you'd like to see awarded.
  5. Include the reason for the badge recommendation. Link the thread(s) or forum(s) where someone has won a contest, been especially helpful, made their notable contributions, and so on.
  6. People who have been temp-banned are not eligible to receive badges for 6 months after their return from their most recent ban. Permanently banned people are not eligible to receive any badges at all.


If you do not follow all the instructions above, your post will be deleted and the badge won't be awarded until you supply the necessary information.


This is also not a complaint thread about who got a badge and who didn't. This is a thread only for recommendations for someone to receive a badge.


Please note the staff aren't online 24/7, so please give us a few days to get things done. We like giving out badges, however, so we'll try to get it done as quickly as possible!




How to Recommend Specific Badges

(Work in progress, please be patient. May change before this is all nailed down.)


sm_jester.gifLF Jester Badge

If a member has made you laugh out loud pretty hard with one of their forum posts, you can come in and recommend that they get the Jester badge. Provide a link to their post and get at least one other member (not the member you want to get the badge) to second your recommendation and that's it. That lucky person gets a shiny new badge featuring Max from Sam & Max :D (Only posts made on the actual forums are eligible; those made in social groups, blogs, private messages, visitor messages or other such limited audience locations are not eligible for consideration). Edit: Nominations for the Jester badge will be brought to the staff for a vote instead of being given out after two nominations.


sm_helpful.gifHelpful! Badge

If a member has consistently been helpful to others, providing detailed responses to questions or other useful information or services you may recommend them to get the Helpful! badge. Please provide links to some of the threads you feel they should be awarded this badge for.


sm_veteran.gifForum Veteran

Some people have left their mark on communities they participate in, actively contributing to shaping the prevalent atmosphere and norms to some degree. Through for example personality, entertaining or thought-provoking posts these members are known and recognized by others. This badge can be recommended for people without whom you feel this place wouldn't be the same.



This badge can be awarded to threadmasters and other major contributors of notable long running game series in one of the Roleplaying forums. Please provide appropriate links when nominating a participant.


sm_contributor.gifNotable Contributor

Recognition for members who have made significant contributions to the forum or community sites well beyond the ordinary. This can for example be things like regularly reviewing other members' fan fiction, writing detailed walkthroughs/FAQs for games, contributing design and artwork for sites, making tools that contribute to community activity growth for one of the modding communities etc. Something that adds notable value for the forum community or attracts new people to join. If you feel someone has made such an extra noteworthy contribution, please specify what it is with links if appropriate. Edit: Nominations for this badge will be brought to the staff for a vote instead of being given out after two nominations.


sm_hottopicstarter.gifHot Topic Starter

Given to members who have started a long-running thread that has received at least 1000 replies. Threads of a spammy forum game nature (where the replies has no real content, only contain one word etc) do not qualify for this badge. Provide a link to the thread in question when making a nomination.



New Badges


If you would like to make a suggestion for a new type of badge to be added to the forum, please post it in this thread.


Note to all staff giving badges: When you give out a badge, please put a post with the name and the badge given so that we can do a thread search to make sure we don't issue duplicate badges. Thanks!

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I nominate Boba Rhett for the notable contributor badge because he gave us the slave elf and the smoking Yoda avatar, a symbol of my childhood. *sniff*


I also give a nod to Dath Maximus for the Veteran badge, his presence has really changed the feeling of Yoda's Swamp in the last year, always pushing people's buttons and providing comic relief as he probably drives the mods nuts.

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I would like to nominate stoffe for the HelpFul! badge. There are far too many things that anyone on the staff could list that would make the badge a parody if one of our most helpful members is not awarded this badge. However, stoffe’s advice and recommendations in the Oblivion thread and other game threads alone merits this award. I’m sure Cygnus Q’ol would second my nomination.

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^ I agree with you mimartin.


I would also nominate matt--, the original Network Unexploder, for the Notable Contributor badge. For years he kept Lucasforums and LFNetwork running smoothly, set up new LFNetwork sites, created the backup scripts we still use today, and during times of server catastrophes was key to their resurrection during the wee hours of the morning.


He's still the go to guru when it comes to sysadmining advice around here.

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I would like to recommend K_Kinnison for the 10yr vet, 1) bunch of CLOSE to 10yr vet's have gotten the badge, and he hasnt, his reg date is nov '99

2) (poss 'Helpful!' badge) he does well on estimating the approx number (and/or the # of post per person) in the 1yr thread over at XWA :D




1 more thing

I'd like to recommend 'Deac' for the 'Fan fiction' badge for creating what would be the 15 + 6 original RPG threads in XWA and RSRP forums, known as the 'Cantina Scenario'


The Fan-fiction badge is for winning a fanfic competition. The 10 year badge will get awarded in November. :)

Please include a link or two of what you mean for helpful--I can't figure out what you're talking about there. --Jae

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I would like to recommend Ikhnaton for the Notable Contributor badge for his tireless labor; staying fun while maintaining a stoic discipline for his job; cleaning up the messes of RogueSquadron.Net forums during the golden days. Many of such messes were my own, so this is my way of telling him that I appreciate his imperturbable work.

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Name: Star Admiral

Badge: Helpful!

Reason: SA is very helpful in The Padawan Lounge, Modding Requests, The Work Bench, and the Holowan. Almost all of the post I have seen by him were very helpful. He might not have been around for long, but he is a helpful member. Just check out his posts.


(God it felt like I just wrote something for school)


Please link some of these helpful threads for us within 3 days. I'll delete the post after that time if there's no action on this. Thanks, Jae


Here are a few, most recent ones, more coming up.(These are from the 17th to the 6th.)

HOLOWAN(and sub forums ex: Modding Requests)









































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I would like to nominate Bee Hoon for the Helpful Badge, in recognition of her work in the CEC.


She always has something positive and helpful to say the writers there. As for proof, most of her posts in the CEC should be evidence enough. ;)


I'd ask for links, but I play in that forum myself so I've seen the threads where she's helpful. :xp: --Jae

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I'd like to recommend Alkonium and his cast for the Roleplayer badge, for their work on the Sith Resurrection series. They've all done a fantastic job, and deserve recognition.


In fact, I think I can say that everyone on this list, without exception, is more than deserving of recognition for their contributions to the roleplaying communities throughout the Network.


I've seen Alkonium's work and know he deserves it. Please list specific links, reasons (like the one you gave for Alkonium for the ones not already in the RP) and names for the rest of the folks for us to evaluate. Not everyone is familiar with the forum and knows where to search--you'll have to help us out on that. Thanks, Jae.

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I feel like the people given the helpful badge were good choices.


But the way it's worded, it doesn't seem that it has to do with modding, so I nominate Jae for it.


She's been helpful pretty much since the day she joined LF.





I hope that this has just been lost in the shuffle, and not actually consciously ignored :)



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