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Favorite planet in KOTOR


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I liked Dantooine for the planet's features, quiet, calm, green, open. My kinda place to relax and tend a garden full of vegetables!:thmbup1:


For gameplay, I have to say Korriban was the most fun, for both light side and dark side. I loved the options for progressing your training and/or doing good without getting caught.

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If this didn't require PLANETS I'd say The Endar Spire, why? Because it really captured the whole war thing, not just you and your assortment of Jesus types and some Sketchy types playing around looking for maps, it was what KotOR needed more of.

TBH, I think Republic soldiers are close to having the LEAST appearances for a large number of characters.

But since I have to choose a cruddy planet, I'd say...Taris.

But you may be asking "Why? Why choose such a boring place that took hours to get done with?"

And to answer you: I dunno, I just do.

The quests seemed to be a lot more realistic and Star Warsy, without that whole 'You're a Jedi!' thing. I dunno, it might just be the overflow of Jedi in Star Wars, or maybe just me reading the X-Wing books, but I'm kinda liking the whole not having the force with you thing.

This would be especially hilarious if it turns out you don't have to pick force powers when you level up as a jedi, so I could just save it up until I've got so many damn force powers I can pick that I can just cast Force Dead on Darth Malak.

That'd be lulz.

But basically, KotOR seems to be broken into three types throughout the game, for 5 minutes: Soldier in Republic, for Taris: Merc, and for the entire rest of the game: Jedi.

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Well, Manaan has certainly grown more popular than, say, years ago when I first answered this question.


And the Ocean-wide planet still has my vote. I was always amazed by the environment there. And of course, Taris, a place more vibrant than most real locations. Even after playing for the nth time.

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Manaan, if only because it's relatively peaceful.


I've got to go with Manaan. I thought that it was a fun planet (Sunny's trial was always worth it, for me :xp:), and better overall than the other planets in general.


I totally agree. Manaan for me, due to the peaceful feeling, the annoyingly slow yet very cute Selkath, and the amazing modeling and texturing of the planet. The quests were fun, too. I liked being the Arbiter of Sunry, though most times the Judges find him guilty (I don't have a future as an attorney! :xp:).


Gotta love the sunny beaches. And vicious Rancors.


I agree. The design and textures of the planet is a masterpiece. Yet Lehon is still No.2 for me, after Manaan!


Sleheyron... oh wait its not out yet ;)


Heh, you're playing games, Dis, because you know we can't wait for the release!! :D Go Sleheyron!! ;)

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Korriban is my favorite, because of going there after you find out your true destiny. I'm always amused by no one believing it, especially on DS playthrough.


Manaan is my second favorite...like others have said, a beautiful model and a unique idea. I liked exploring the neutrality and the trials- the feeling of the rule of law.

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I really have a hard time picking!


I like Taris because of the aesthetics and layout, the people, and the multiple levels.


I like Dantooine because it's gorgeous, and the atmosphere is calming, and I like the feel of history to it, given that my companions Bastila and Juhani have been living there

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and I, Revan, had trained there as well.
I like the people, I like the enclave, and I like the tension surrounding the isolation and practices of the Jedi there. It's homey with just the right touch of eeriness.


I also love Korriban (the aesthetics, the Sith presence, the more serious atmosphere) and Lehon, which was absolutely stunning, creepy as hell, and gave me all the feels.

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I can't pick one planet as my favorite, but I can provide my top three planets:


I really loved Taris. The first real city-planet I'd seen other than Coruscant. I also enjoyed Kashyyyk. This planet was really beautiful, with a great ambience. I also greatly appreciated Dantooine. The (kind of) peaceful plains and the soothing sounds.


I have to mention Manaan as well. Such an amazing place.

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